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I'm Paris! The creator of the Paris M. Hatcher Collection. After a decade of writing my prayers, visions + goals to God I decided to create my own Prayer Journal. Journaling serves as my therapy. Getting my thoughts out of my head and onto paper has been my saving grace through grief and heartbreak. In the PMH Collection Prayer Journal, you'll find scripture references + over 180 beautifully designed pages where you can write your prayers/manifestations. A lot of times we don't realize that we're living in answered prayers but with a prayer journal, you can always refer back to see just how blessed you are.

Let's Start Documenting Our Beautiful Life!!!

Women + Men's Prayer Journals

Prayer Journals

Prayer Journals

Each of these Prayer Journals, you'll find scripture references plus over 180... 


Spend quality time with God letting him know what’s on your heart. Freely write out your manifestations, personal prayers, fears + your thoughts. As you take the time to write things down, you’ll soon see your life transform from ink to reality!