Wal-Mart Jeans



I always get lots of compliments on these jeans and I’m not sure if I blogged about them already but recently I posted this picture on my Instagram page and everyone loved them. So here’s the rundown on the distressed jeans everyone loves. I purchased them about 4 years ago at a Wal-Mart in Mankato, Minnesota (I was a resident there) from the Miley Cyrus by Max Azria line and I loved them dearly. I normally wear a size 3 but these are a 7, so clearly these jeans weren’t designed for women with curves BUT nevertheless, I had to have them. I’m only 4’10 and I’m very particular about having extra slack in my jeans so I took them to a tailor in Minnesota and she cut them way too short to wear un-cuffed but when it comes to fashion, I always find a way to wear what I love. I just simply wear them cuffed when I’m wearing heels or un-cuffed when I’m wearing boots.

On this day I was on set styling and I wanted to add a little edge to my look so I paired my jeans with a crop top from H&M, ankle strap sandals from Just Fab and accessorize with Classy Closet’s Gold link Bracelet and Pink RichGirl Handbag. I had so much fun on set styling while feeling fab in my distressed jeans.

♥ Top- H&M. Jeans-Wal-Mart, Miley Cyrus. Belt-F-21. Sandals- Just Fab. Handbag & Bracelet-Classy Closet. Watch-Dillards, Michael Kors.

Classy Closet Fashion Magazine Crop Top & Pencil Skirt




Who said you couldn’t wear a fashion magazine and look fabulous while doing so?! Well, if someone did, clearly they’re wrong. You can now get this look from Classy Closet. I’m in love with the crop top and pencil skirt style so you know I had to add it to my online women’s boutique. It took me a while to find something that was sexy, classy and not very trendy and I finally came across this set. The material is 95% polyester and 5% Spandex so it’s a good fit to show off your curves. I fell in love with this set because it’s on trend without being overly trendy and it has fashion magazines all over (one may argue that it’s newspaper) which is what I spend majority of my time reading and collecting, so why not share the style that I LOVE so much with my Classy Closet Dolls.



Hope you like this set as much as I do and if so, be sure to shop Classy Closet. Send me all your fabulous pics to classy@myclassycloset.com or hashtag #ClassyClosetDoll on Instagram and I’ll be sure to repost your pictures to our Classy Closet Instagram page. By the way, are you following us on IG? If not, what are you waiting for, honey? Follow: @myclassycloset



 ♥ Crop Top & Pencil Skirt & Bracelet, Classy Closet (www.myclassycloset.com) Sunnies, Ann Taylor. Handbag & Rings, H&M. Hot Pink Sandals, Calvin Klein. Watch-Michael Kors, Dillards

Festival Fashion At Langford Market

It’s festival season here in New Orleans so I decided to head over to Langford Market to check out some of the new festival styles. Discussing fashion and style is always fun and it’s even more exciting when the store manager, Tanyell let’s you in all the new arrivals. Check out the video and let me know what you think.

TmP Life Let’s Make Your Style Matter

Thanks Eric for joining me on Style & Beauty Talk With Paris! If you happen to miss the show where Eric and I discussed Men’s Fashion, be sure to visit the earlier post 😉

My name is Eric and I’m a part of The Misteree Project (a freelance writing and filming team) as well as TmP Life (a lifestyle blog of pictures, poetry, and thoughts). I’ve studied fashion trends for a few years now. I am not a certified fashion consultant, but I am hip to the styles and trends for a professional guy like myself. Fashion is about forward-thinking and belonging to the person who owns it. Plus ladies, let’s keep it real; you love to see a stylish man! Therefore, I’d like to share the tips and tricks I go for, and hopefully, it’ll make all the while for your style. Thank you, Paris, for giving me the opportunity to help the guys get it cracking!

Eric mens fashion

I was told once that a man should always dress like he took the time to shop for something but took no time to put something on. The problem with some guys now is that complacency sets in which causes very dull and plain looks. Hey, if that’s what you are comfortable with, then do you. I, on the other hand, like to experiment a little with certain pieces I have. By me being a slim and slender guy, I tend to go for a more fitted style to match my build. As you can see from the picture (which was captured on the slick by my buddy Paris Hatcher), I chose a green button down fitted shirt with white polka dots and blue jeans. (Here’s a little sidenote-I’m all about the button down shirts and slacks or jeans) I added the black skinny tie just for a little extra casual appeal with the black belt to match. The Toms shoes set it off a little bit more because it was offbeat. One valuable aspect of fashion is that everything you wear doesn’t have to match exactly. It’s okay to throw something off with a bit of color opposite of everything else. But we’ll get into that later.

eric and I

If you have any questions, or would like to share your own style tips for men to be included in TmP Life, please feel free to email me at HiThere@TmPLife.com with the words Fashion Tips in the subject line. Let’s make your style matter!

Pointy Toe Pumps & Jeans

A pair of jeans and pointy toe points has been my go-to attire during those busy days when I have a planner full of goals to accomplish. I like to keep my look glam but comfortable so I can make my meetings on time without being slowed down by painful heels so, these Prabal Gurung pumps were perfect. I added glam to my look by accessorizing with the Keep It Classy necklace and the Let’s Link Up bracelet both from Classy Closet.



I was treated to a shopping spree at H&M and picked up this off-white blouse (which I see myself pairing with leather really soon) and this amazing baby blue handbag (I receive so many compliments on this bag). I’m in the process of editing a haul video of everything I picked up at H&M. Pray for me because final cut pro and I aren’t best friends at all, lol! But I’ll have it up as soon as possible.







What’s your go-to style when you’re headed out for the day with a lot of things to do?!

♥ Style Snapshot: Necklace & Earrings-Classy Closet. Blouse & Handbag-H&M. Jeans-TJ Maxx. Pumps-Target. Watch & Earrings-Dillards, Michael Kors.