Eiffel Tower Mirrors & Peplum.

I am head over heels about my new hairstyle. It’s very convenient and I’m excited my hairstylist convinced me to step outside the box and try something new.



I’ve been working so hard lately (as I always do) so on this day, I decided to start my day off by running a few errands and afterwards, I went to the movies to see Think Like A Man Too and it was hilarious! Did any of my Sexy Meets Classy readers get a chance to check it out?



I wore one of my favorites tops from Classy Closet. It’s from last season and it sold out really quickly the bow on the back of this Peplum style top just adds all the finishing girlie touches.



I decided to style it with a pair of white pants from H&M and a Classy Closet handbag along with the statement necklace and heels that goes perfectly with just about everything this season.


One day I’ll let those two go but no time soon. They’re my new favs; have you read my post about them?! If not, check it out here.

♥ Style Snapshot: Peplum Top, Handbag & Necklace-Classy Closet. White Pants-H&M. Sandals-Steve Madden, Dillards. Earrings & Watch-Michael Kors, Dillards. Eiffel Tower Mirror-Rue21.

Same Paris Different Hair

“When a woman cuts her hair, she’s about to change her life”-Coco Chanel


A few months ago I told myself I wanted to edge up my look a little bit and on last week I decided to start it off with my hair. The funny thing about it is, I wanted to try this style on last year around this time and longer on one side but after trying something else, I just gave up on wanting it. I called my hairstylist for a wash and style appointment and she convinced me to cut my hair and go back short. I believe short hair is my signature look. Styled differently but definitely short.



My hair grows really fast and I very seldom wear it out so I decided to give it a try. Initially, I wanted to add fake hair to the top but after she convinced me again, I’m now wearing all my real hair. I thought this style would be hard to manage and take up a lot of mirror time but it’s actually one of the easiest styles I’ve tried so far. Before bed, I brush down each side and pin curl the middle part before tying on a pink silk scarf.



I’m really into dressing up a casual t-shirt with a skirt that makes a statement. Ladies, this look is very easy to create. Just put on one of your simple t-shirts and leave your jeans in the closet. Show off those legs by wearing a cute that makes you feel Sexy & Classy, add a pair of heels, a handbag, and a few accessories; then you’re good to go.



This is a great lunch date or mall run look! You always want to look glam even if you’re out for a few hours, you never know who’s watching so dress up that T-shirt and go out and command attention.



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♥ Style Snapshot: White T-shirt & Ring-H&M. Skirt-F-21. High Heel Sandals- Justfab. Handbag & Gold Link Necklace-Classy Closet. Watch& Earrings-Michael Kors, Dillards. Red Lipstick-MAC, Ruby Woo. Sunnies-Ann Taylor Loft. Paris Necklace- Be Beautiful Boutique.

Wal-Mart Jeans



I always get lots of compliments on these jeans and I’m not sure if I blogged about them already but recently I posted this picture on my Instagram page and everyone loved them. So here’s the rundown on the distressed jeans everyone loves. I purchased them about 4 years ago at a Wal-Mart in Mankato, Minnesota (I was a resident there) from the Miley Cyrus by Max Azria line and I loved them dearly. I normally wear a size 3 but these are a 7, so clearly these jeans weren’t designed for women with curves BUT nevertheless, I had to have them. I’m only 4’10 and I’m very particular about having extra slack in my jeans so I took them to a tailor in Minnesota and she cut them way too short to wear un-cuffed but when it comes to fashion, I always find a way to wear what I love. I just simply wear them cuffed when I’m wearing heels or un-cuffed when I’m wearing boots.

On this day I was on set styling and I wanted to add a little edge to my look so I paired my jeans with a crop top from H&M, ankle strap sandals from Just Fab and accessorize with Classy Closet’s Gold link Bracelet and Pink RichGirl Handbag. I had so much fun on set styling while feeling fab in my distressed jeans.

♥ Top- H&M. Jeans-Wal-Mart, Miley Cyrus. Belt-F-21. Sandals- Just Fab. Handbag & Bracelet-Classy Closet. Watch-Dillards, Michael Kors.

Denim On Denim Mixed With Glam-Aholic!

♥ Can you believe denim started as a simple men’s workwear? Now, it’s a modern-day closet staple for everyone. From different washes to different styles you can never go wrong when wearing denim. Last year I was on the hunt for a denim top and found the exact same one I’ve been searching for while at Wal-Mart? (I first wore it here) and these Levis I found at one of the local thrift stores here in New Orleans. I had to have them especially since they were about $5.00. I took them to my tailor and now I can’t get enough of these jeans. Denim is definitely a wardrobe staple that you should have in your closet. As you can see, you don’t have to spend a whole lot on wardrobe staples. Sometimes the hidden gems are found in Wal-Mart and local thrift stores. Have you tried the denim on denim look? If so, please send me the link to your post. I would love to check it out!

♥ I love my Glam-Aholic tote. I purchased it on Cyber Monday, received it a week later and I’ve been wearing it ever since.  I can’t get enough of it! It’s a perfect size for my idea journals, planner, magazines, novels and other girly necessities. I receive so many compliments on my tote and I know you probably would like to know as well. So, I’ll be sure to post a link in the style snapshot section so you can purchase yours. They’ll be back in stock in February. Tell Mia Ray I sent you!! 😉

Style Snapshot: Denim Top-Wal-Mart (kids section). Denim Jeans-Levis, Thrift Store. Pumps-Steve Madden, Dillards. Lipstick-Black Radiance #5027, Walmart Peacoat-F-21. Accessories-Charming Charlie. Tote-Glamaholiclifestyle.com

Wrapping Up 2013, Stylishly

♥ Wrapping up 2013 in a felt floppy hat and a fur vest. This year was amazing and I wouldn’t change a thing even if I could. I traveled internationally, graduated from Graduate school and grew so much as a businesswoman. Therefore, I’m looking forward to 2014 being an even better year for me while going after more opportunities. I hope everyone has a blessed and prosperous New Year. Remember to set goals for yourself, create a vision board, pray over your dreams and keep God first!  Hope you enjoy this stylish post! You’ll see me remixing this hat again in 2014 😉

Style Snapshot: Felt Floppy Hat, Grey Fur Vest, Black Top-H&M. Two-Tone Leather Pencil Skirt, Clutch & Earrings-F-21. Stockings-Urban Outfitters. Boots-Bakers. Necklaces & Bracelets-Charming Charlie. PARIS Ring-Mexico. Watch-Michael Kors, Dillards.

Fall Season’s Lipstick To Complete Your Attire.

 I stepped outside of my comfort zone and tried a new lipstick color. Since it’s fall season I decided to try the Rouge D’Armani Lipstick in shade #200, and I’m in love with it! It’s something different from the MAC Ruby Woo I’m always wearing and to me it also makes my teeth look whiter…well, maybe that’s just the Crest White Strips I use. But ladies, if you’re searching for a new lipstick that’s great for fall be sure to try any brand that has a deep plum color, it’ll definitely add something extra to complete your attire.

Style Snapshot: Lipstick- Armani. Necklace-Kissed Couture. Sheer Lace Top-Langford Market. Skirt & LOVE Ring-F-21. Watch & Earrings-Michael Kors. Stockings-Dillards. Heels-Charlotte Russe.

During The Day P-Day Attire.

It’s something about putting last-minute outfits together and feeling a rush because you have to be somewhere at a certain time on your birthday. I can honestly say, at one time I strongly disliked putting last-minute outfits together but now, I get a thrill out of it. I start by styling my outfit around one of the main pieces I would like to wear on that day, then decide from there with the rest of the pieces.
 On this particular day, it was my new faux fur vest. I recently purchased it from the new H&M that just opened here in New Orleans. One of the sale associates name Clifton was putting some go-backs (clothes that people tried on and left in the dressing room or somewhere else in the store) away and he passed with it. I immediately asked could I try it on and he replied, “Yes, it’s the last one.” Everyone passed saying how nice it looked on me and there were a few people waiting for me to put it down but I couldn’t pass it up. So, I didn’t think twice about it and proceed to the register where I received 20% off. Talk about winning! Shopping wasn’t in the plans on this day but I sure didn’t mind fitting it into my agenda!!
Stay Tuned! I’ll be styling this faux fur vest a few different ways!
Style Snapshot: Faux Fur Vest-H&M. Sweater & Leather Pencil Skirt-F-21. Stockings Michael Kors Watch-Dillards. Booties-Charlotte Russe. Ring-Charming Charlie. Earrings-Vintage.

Coco Chanel & The LBD (little black dress)

Recently, I went to my local library and rented the Coco Chanel movie and since then, she has inspired my life so much more.  I wanted to know more of her story other than just knowing about a few quotes she’s famous for. I wanted to know her struggles, her highs, and her lows and I learned about it all and more just by watching the Coco Chanel movie.
Prior to watching the movie, I was aware that more than any other piece of clothing, the little black dress as we’ve been told, the essential, the one that will take you practically anywhere. And perhaps more than any other designer, Coco Chanel was the one who made it ubiquitous. She did not invent the concept, of course, but according to the movie, the little black dress was not formally identified as the shape of the future until 1926, when American Vogue published a drawing of a Chanel design. It was an apparently simple yet elegant sheath, in black crêpe de Chine, with long, narrow sleeves, worn with a string of white pearls; and Vogue proved to be correct in the prediction that it would become a uniform.” (source)
I believe LBD are very stylish yet elegant and every lady should own at least one for any occasion.  If you need help with finding the perfect LBD for your body type, please do not hesitate to email me: paris@wheresexymeetsclassy.net. I would love to help!
Here’s the link to the movie if you would like to brush up on your Coco Chanel history.
Style Snapshot: LBD-Charlotte Russe. Stockings-Dillards. Pumps-Kardashian by Bebe. Ring-Charming Charlie. Earrings & Watch- Michael Kors, Dillards. Necklace-Baggage Boutique.


How To Remix Your Wardrobe.

Think about all the good pieces you own in your closet. Now, think about how many ways you can style those pieces.  Us as women (me in particular) are always talking about how we need to go shopping or need a new wardrobe when half the time we have a closet full of clothes but are only wearing those good pieces one way. We can do so much with what we have but at times we don’t see it because we aren’t stepping outside our comfort zones and styling things differently. Some of my clients tell me that they only feel comfortable wearing a certain pair of jeans with a certain blazer when in fact; you can get many different styles out of a blazer and a pair of jeans. So ladies, let’s get in our closets and play dress up. Step outside of your comfort zone and wear denim and leather, mix animal prints, and don’t forget to color block and accessorize.
Remix those good pieces!!!! 😉
If you need tips on styling your good pieces or have any questions, please feel free to email me: paris@wheresexymeetsclassy.net
Style Snapshot:  (L to R) Denim Top-Wal-mart. Skater Skirt & Necklace-Langford Market. Metallic Pumps-Steve Madden, Dillards. Sunnies-Love Crave Nola. Clutch-Bakers. Rings & Earrings-Charming Charlie. Watch-Michael Kors, Dillards.
Style Snapshot: Cat Eyed Glasses-Buffalo Exchange. Earrings-Vintage. Clutch-Kardashian by Bebe. Faux Leather Pencil Skirt- Classy Closet. Pumps-F-21. Gold Watch-Michael Kors-Dillards.
Style Snapshot: Blazer-F-21. Tank-Classy Closet (sold out). Cat Eyed Sunnies-Baggage Boutique. Ankle Strap Sandals- Just Fab.


Working Girl Attire.

Am I the only one who owns a million (well, many not that many) but a lot of black blazers in different styles?! I found this peplum style blazer in my second closet where I usually keep the majority of my blouses, sweaters, and blazers. It’s been three years since I’ve worn it, which made me think maybe I should do another closet cleanout.
When I paired the blazer with this pencil skirt, I said to myself, this looks like working girl attire, which is befitting to my life.
Style Snapshot: Blazer-JCPenny. Tank & Bow Belt-F-21. Skirt-Charlotte Russe. Boots-Payless. Fishnet Stockings-Dillards. Earrings & Watch-Michael Kors, Dillards. Black and White Square Ring-Charming Charlie. Necklace-A’gaci Store.