Family Vacation: Paris Takes Panama City, Florida.

♥ I had so much fun this past weekend. My parents and I spent Labor Day weekend in Panama City, Florida, which is six hours away from New Orleans, LA. We hit the road on Friday evening after my parents got off work. I drove for about 30 minutes then my dad took over while my mom and I relaxed and enjoyed the different views from state to state. This was a much-needed vacay for all of us, mainly them (I still haven’t fully recovered from Antigua, but I’m always up for a vacay) because they work so much and needed a weekend to get away and have some fun, which I believe is essential to life. We had a great time and are in the works of planning our next family vacay. Just being together every day, relaxing on the beach and sightseeing made us so happy.
 Check out a few of our pics!
















Style Snapshot: Fedora Hat-Aldo. High Heel Top- Classy Closet (sold out) Watch-Michael Kors. Charm Bracelet & Ankle Bracelet-Charming Charlie. Sunnies, Shorts & Bathing Suit Top-F-21. Slippers-Agaci’.

Paris Takes H-Town


“The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. That’s what’s really going to make you look like you’re ready to rock the world.”-Alicia Keys
♥ Last day in H-Town. Headed to a meeting! 😉
Style Snapshot– Dress-Beauty With Satisfaction Boutique. Earrings- Vintage. Handbag-Justfab. Shoes-ShoeDazzle. Ring/Bracelet-Claries. Watch-Michael Kors, Dillards.


Paris Takes H-Town While Mixing Prints & Colorblocking

♥ Went to Houston this past weekend for a Classy Closet boutique party. While there, some friends and I decided to visit the Galleria Mall. Gosh! That mall was amazing. It wasn’t my first time there but I get excited each time I visit. One day, Classy Closet will be located inside. *speaking into existence* 😉
♥ Mixing stripe and leopard print!! I love mixing prints; it’s such a risk you take in fashion, but, the outcome is always something fun, creative & unique.
♥ Have fun with fashion! Mix prints and color-block! 😉
Style Snapshot-Blazer & Jeans-Wetseal. Shirt- Belt, Ring, & Pumps-F-21. Watch-Michael Kors, Dillards. Earrings-Claries. Handbag-Justfab.

Magazine Find: How To Shop For Clothes Abroad


Here’s a great article I found in Allure Special Issue Magazine; tips on shopping abroad. Hope you enjoy as much as I have.
Be Selective. Generally, huge outdoor markets are the dumps of the shopping world. If you’re in a place like Thailand, India, or Morocco, resist the temptation to buy native clothes that you’ll never wear again or go to a store that caters to Westerners.
Start Small. In major cities like Paris, London, and Tokyo, it’s the tiny boutiques that carry the unique stuff. Wander the hip neighborhoods and check out the small storefronts, especially vintage shops and places that carry only one local designer.
Master Europe. Keep an eye out for line boutiques that don’t exist in the United States, such as Cos and Aspesi. And consider buying high-end designer clothes in their country of origin they’re typically 10 to 15 percent cheaper.
Embrace trends. The U.S. market tends to be more conservative than the European one, so if you find a great wild skirt or big chunky necklace, you find a great wild skirt or big chunky necklace, you should go for it. There’s a good chance you’ll be ahead of the curve when you get home.

Magazine Find: How To Pack For Any Trip


    I came across this article in Allure’s “special issue” magazine.  Diane von Furstenberg shares some of her packing tips. Just wanted to share, hopefully, you enjoy it as much as I did.
   Visualize where you’re going and what you’ll be doing, and be sure you have an outfit for each occasion.
Start with the basics For just about any trip, you need a black cocktail dress: a nice pair of pants and a party top; comfortable pants for day; two good T-shirts; a slim, neutral sweater; a day dress; a cashmere scarf you can use as a wrap; a coat that’s elegant enough to wear in the evening; and a leather jacket in case you end up on the back of a motorcycle. Always stick a bathing suit in your bag in case you unexpectedly find yourself somewhere with a pool.
Make it work (Diane von Furstenberg) I design clothes the way I pack, everything goes together. It’s not that all the colors or fabrics should be identical, but the coat should go with the cocktail dress, and so on. That way, you won’t worry about putting outfits together when you arrive. And make sure that all the pieces you bring can be layered.
Dress it up You never know when you’re going to be invited to a fancy party. Jewelry is the easiest way to make an outfit more formal, and it doesn’t take up much space.
Think on your feet Shoes are a problem because they’re bulky. Bring one pair of sturdy loafers or fancy sneakers that are comfortable and go with your day clothes. Next, you need boots or flats (if it’s chilly) or flats (if it’s warm). And bring one good pair of evening shoes.

Paris Takes NYC With A 70’s Vibe

♥ Love the hustle & bustle of New York!!! Sliding on my heels in the back seat of a taxi. My type of LIFE!!! 😉
NYC was amazing (as always). It was great to be surrounded by people who are taking life by the horns and making their own rules.
If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been bitten by the 70’s and high-waisted bug. I can’t seem to pull away (honestly, I’m not trying to) from the vintage look. It’s doing a lot to my fashion spirit and I’m loving every moment!!! Stay tuned for more inspired looks; you never know which era I’ll be mimicking next!!! 😉
♥ Sunday Brunch @ Intermezzo. One word: Delish!!!
♥ Brunch + Mimosa’s= My type of meal…;-)
♥ Intermezzo’s host!! Isn’t she FAB??! While on the microphone & in front of the entire restaurant, she told me, “You are BEAUTIFUL!!! & your teeth are so white. Are you a model” Now if you know me, you know immediately, I became shy. But after everyone shook their head & screamed YES SHE IS in agreement, I quickly got over my “shyness” and started to pass out business cards, lol!! Hey! they asked; and if you really know me, you know I’m all about networking and expanding my brand!! 😉
♥ Fresh off my flight!! New Orleans, I’m hommmee!! But not for long. 😉
♥ Top-Stein Mart. Belt & Jacket-F-21. Bangles-Aldo. Watch- Watch Out Boutique. High-Waisted Slacks- Thrifited. Earring-La Dolce Vida (Vintage) Heels-Charlotte Russe. Handbag-Macy’s (Brahmin)
Flight Attire:
♥ Top-F-21. Jeans-Wal-Mart (Miley Cyrus). Handbag- Classy Closet. Stockings (underneath)-Urban Outfitters. Boots-Bakers. Lipstick-KMLipstick.

Paris Takes NYC

During the summer, I had the opportunity to visit New York City to work on my Fashion styling portfolio with a company I work for by the name of The Network Fam. Of course, New York wouldn’t be New York with just all work and no play, so needless to say, I had a freaking BLAST!!! We woke up extremely early and went to bed extremely late but in between we went out and celebrated every night after a successful shoot. On the first night, before headed out to a party, we stopped at Panchito’s and had Margaritas and appetizers’ & next we danced the night away at Fat Black Pussy Cat. The next morning, we were all back on the rooftop shooting and styling as if we didn’t just get inside about 3 hours ago. The long working days were all worth it because we had a lot of fun and my portfolio came out beautiful!!! Can’t wait to visit NYC again, soon!
♥ These pictures aren’t in the order as the fun happened, but you’ll enjoy them! 😉
♥ On the train headed out to celebrate!!
♥ My fabulous publicist and I!
♥ Musicians playing in the subway!
♥ Yes, I did walk around NYC in these. There’s just no other way to do it.
♥ …Waiting on the train.
♥ Model Ashli rocking a Classy Closet dress. Styled by yours truly!
♥ Back of the Classy Closet Sexy Back Drop dress. Styled by yours truly.
♥ Two fashion stylist!!
♥ That’s my Manager!!!! 😉
♥ Was it necessary for me to swing my hair before sliding my Metro card?! LOL!! #TypicalParis
♥ About to give NYC a taste of Paris!!!
♥ Headed to give New York City a piece of Paris!
♥ Isn’t he fabulous?!
♥ Hanging out in the city!
♥ Who Run The World, GIRLS!!! Publicist, Models, Fashion Stylist & Manager! #TheNetworkFam
♥ Cheers to the freaking weekend!!!!
♥ We ordered just about the entire menu!!
♥ Yes, it was delish!!!
♥  Having breakfast with the models Ashli & Jazmine.
♥ …After breakfast, back to work!
♥ Styling on the rooftop with Classy Closet & Robb & Lulu items.
♥ Model Ashli wearing Classy Closet blazer and shorts with Karen Ko jewelry!
♥ Models Ashli and Jazmine wearing a Classy Closet dress and top. Styled by yours truly!
♥ There’s a hilarious reason for this picture being taken.
♥ NYC I’m here!!!!
♥ I’m officially a Metro card holder!!
♥ Rocking a pair of  Classy Closet earrings and ring!
♥ I love NYC!!!!
♥ Top-H&M. Accessories- Classy Closet. Watch-Dillards, Michael Kors. Shorts-F-21. Handbag-Macys, Brahmin. Shoes-Dillards, Jessica Simpson.
♥ Romper & Red Bag-F21. Earrings-Classy Closet. Watch-Dillards, Michael Kors. Flats-Wet Seal.

Travel Tip: How to Prep For A Vacation.

*I’ve been traveling a lot lately and just wanted to share a few helpful traveling tips*
Pack Smart!
Give yourself enough time! Last-minute packing can lead to forgotten essentials. A few days in advance is best, but at the very least, pack the day before you travel.
Work with a neutral color palette! Mix and match pieces in simple silhouettes are key. Add color with just a few playful accessories.
Layer your bag! Place shoes on the bottom, then roll clothes instead of folding to cut down on wrinkles. Start with heavier pieces, then add light, delicate items last. Wrap delicates in tissue if possible.
Maximize your carry on! Use an oversized tote that can double as a beach bag. Compartmentalize valuables and other necessary items in small pouches that can work as evening bags on your trip.

Your go-to travel outfit!

Wear the heaviest items you’ll use on your trip! Save space in your suitcase by wearing bulkier items, like jeans, knits or jackets, while traveling.
Carry a light scarf or shawl! It works as a blanket or pillow in transit and as a pretty accessory at your destination.
Go for ballet flats! They’re polished and easy to slip on or off. (I usually wear heels but flats are so much easier when going thru security or running to catch a late flight)


Paris Takes Memphis: Traveling In Style. Part II.

Before heading back to New Orleans I was told its imperative that I visit Ching’s Hot Wings and now I know why. The wings were delish and the ambiance was really cool & laid back. On the inside, it’s decorated with pictures of Memphis b-ball players, city officials, and the regular visitors. I was shocked when I was asked by the owner to take a picture now I’m anxious to go back to see it. While headed back to New Orleans I wore a blazer, cami, skinny jeans and leopard pumps. I also added a red lip to match my red nails and flashed a smile to all the passengers. It was a great feeling heading home but I miss Memphis so much and can’t wait to visit again!
♥ Blazer, Cami & Jeans- F-21. Purse- Ashley Stewart. Ring- Bakers. Watch- Watch Out Boutique. Pumps- Kardashian by Bebe.

Paris Takes Memphis: Traveling In Style. Part I

On last week I took what I would call an enjoying life vacay to Memphis. It was one of my closet friends birthday weekend so I decided to help her celebrate. I traveled in style of course and received so many compliments on my attire. Everyone loved my shoes. While in Atlanta airport a man came over to me on his knees to get closer to my shoes and talk about how fabulous I look and how he has been watching me and my shoes, lol. It was cute.
While traveling, I always hear people say how they prefer to travel in comfort and so do I, but I prefer style over comfort any day.  When I arrived in Memphis my friend met me at the baggage claim and told me she knew she’ll find me by my shoes 😉  she said she looked at everyone’s feet until she saw a pair that looked like my style and found me!
♥ How do you prefer to travel and what are your must-have traveling essentials?!
♥ Thanks to the nice gentleman snapping a pic of me while I read on my Kindle.
♥ Must have traveling essential. My Kindle
♥ Necklace- Stein Mart. Shirt, Blazer & Ring- F-21. Watch- Michael Kors. Sequin Tights- Bebe. Shoes- Dillards, Jessica Simpson.