Paris Takes Memphis: Traveling In Style. Part I

On last week I took what I would call an enjoying life vacay to Memphis. It was one of my closet friends birthday weekend so I decided to help her celebrate. I traveled in style of course and received so many compliments on my attire. Everyone loved my shoes. While in Atlanta airport a man came over to me on his knees to get closer to my shoes and talk about how fabulous I look and how he has been watching me and my shoes, lol. It was cute.
While traveling, I always hear people say how they prefer to travel in comfort and so do I, but I prefer style over comfort any day.  When I arrived in Memphis my friend met me at the baggage claim and told me she knew she’ll find me by my shoes 😉  she said she looked at everyone’s feet until she saw a pair that looked like my style and found me!
♥ How do you prefer to travel and what are your must-have traveling essentials?!
♥ Thanks to the nice gentleman snapping a pic of me while I read on my Kindle.
♥ Must have traveling essential. My Kindle
♥ Necklace- Stein Mart. Shirt, Blazer & Ring- F-21. Watch- Michael Kors. Sequin Tights- Bebe. Shoes- Dillards, Jessica Simpson.

Paris Takes Miami: Wearing Classic Stripes.

Just a few pictures in Miami wearing a classic fashion trend; stripes. The lace/stripe dress was captured on stage at the Snoop Dogg concert and the stripe shorts pics were after club Cameo.
I also wore a multi-color stripe swimsuit…Check out my beaches & swimsuits post!
♥ Dress-Arden B, Accessories-Stein Mart& Charming Charlie, Clutch- Dillards, Top & Shorts- American Apparel, Shoes-Bakers, Nail polish- Neon Orange by Klean Color.