Paris Takes Israel

After cruising from Greece, the next stop on the Paris Hatcher World Tour was Haifa, Israel. We booked an early morning excursion by the name of “In the land of Jesus” this is where the real fun started for me. 

After cruising from Greece, the next stop on the Paris Hatcher World Tour was Haifa, Israel. We booked an early morning excursion by the name of “In the land of Jesus” this is where the real fun started for me.  It was an eight-hour tour and I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. I was in such amazement with Israel & I didn’t care that it started raining cats and dogs towards the end of our tour, I was just so happy to be in the land of Jesus creating memories.

Us standing in front the Sea of Galilee.

The Sea of Galilee where Jesus gave more than half of His parables and performed most of his miracles.

Here’s a raw video from the Sea Of Galilee

Excursion description: Learn about Haifa’s rich spiritual heritage as you tour Galilee’s sacred sites, roam around Tabgha’s famous church, and visit Nazareth, the childhood home of Jesus. Ascend the Mount of Beatitudes, where Jesus delivered his famous sermon and stroll past the site of his baptism in the River Jordan. Hear the story of Christ’s miracle feeding while perusing the Church of the Multiplication. Explore Nazareth, where the archangel appeared to Jesus’ mother, Mary, before his birth

Inside the church of multiplication praying and lighting a candle. Matt.14:13-21


Shay and I were blessed with the opportunity to get baptized in The Jordan River (the same river where John The Baptist baptized Jesus Christ).



The late and beautiful Whitney Houston getting ready to get baptized in the Jordan River.

This was one of my main goals and I was going to try my best to make sure it happens. While on the tour, we were told by the guide that there weren’t any baptisms going on (I immediately was sad) and once we walked in, the staff greeted us and I asked, “Are there any baptisms taking place on today?” I was told, “Yes” but you have to purchase your gown and towel. No problem, I came prepared. I had already bought my baptism gown from New Orleans and took it with me on this excursion. Since we were on a strict time frame, I needed to check with the tour guide to see if I’d have time to get baptized. After going back and forth in my head about how I was going to pull this off, I finally decided to ask our tour guide if I had enough time to change and get baptized before heading to our next destination.  She was hesitant for the sake of time and decided to contact the bus driver. He said he would open the bus for me to get my gown (I was excited again). Only thing was, I needed to change on the bus too and the driver didn’t speak much English so I ran to the back of the bus and signaled to him that I was about to change right back there (pointing to the back of the bus). He exited the bus and I quickly changed into my baptism gown. I also grabbed Shay’s robe because although she was on the fence about getting baptized for the sake of time, I knew if she saw me dressed while holding her robe she would quickly change her mind and so she did.  Along with us, there were two large groups getting baptized, but we managed to do it and make it back to the bus on time. Talk about completing a mission, immediately after the baptism I felt great knowing I didn’t allow anything to stop me from accomplishing my dream of getting baptized in The Jordan River. Honestly, for a brief minute, I thought it wouldn’t happen but I said a silent prayer and believed that it would and it did! FAITH 😉

Rushing back to our towels. The water was SO cold but this was such a wonderful experience.

Here’s a raw video of the Jordan River

It still feels surreal 😉

Immediately after getting on the bus, it started raining. I was grateful and would like to believe that God held up the rain just for us. Next part of the tour was Nazareth, which was very cold and rainy but nevertheless, very beautiful.

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Paris Takes Greece

The next stop on Paris Hatcher World Tour was Athens, Greece. We made it here after sailing for two days.  We previously booked an excursion with the cruise line to see the amazing sights of Athens

The next stop on the Paris Hatcher World Tour was Athens, Greece. We made it here after sailing for two days.  We previously booked an excursion with the cruise line to see the amazing sights of Athens. Our first stop was to the Temple of Zeus. We paid three euros to enter the museum and take pictures. 

Greece was extremely cold and waiting for the hop on and hop off bus to come around every 20 minutes was a lot while standing in the cold so we decided to cut the tour short and grab lunch which was included in the tour.

Us waiting for the hop on hop off bus. We’re so cold but still trying to give a little pose, LOL

For lunch, I had lamb with veggies wrapped in pita bread & a sweet tea. Afterward, we went into the flea market to purchase souvenirs. Walking around Greece was exciting just to be there was a blessing! After leaving the flea market, I was excited to hop on the bus and head back to the cruise ship, by this time it started raining so I was just over it, a little!

One of the best things about the hop on hop off bus was, it had Wifi!!! So I was finally able to check my emails and social media.

Next time I visit Greece, I’ll do more research in advance on more must-see monuments.


After touring Greece we enjoyed our first formal dinner night on the cruise ship.

When two became three! Shay and I met Be on the cruise ship he was with another group associated with our group and immediately became our right hand! Majority of the amazing pictures and videos he captured for us. So grateful for him!

Greece! I’ll definitely be back!!

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Paris Takes Italy

Thanksgiving morning was the beginning of Paris Hatcher World Tour. I flew to New York from New Orleans and then had a layover in Moscow, Russia. Afterwards, we flew to Venice, Italy and took a water taxi to our hotel. The water taxi was so much fun as we rode passed the beautiful homes in Venice, Italy.

Thanksgiving morning was the beginning of Paris Hatcher World Tour. I flew to New York from New Orleans and then had a layover in Moscow, Russia. Afterward, we flew to Venice, Italy and took a water taxi to our hotel. The water taxi was so much fun as we rode past the beautiful homes in Venice, Italy.

Once we checked into our hotel, we took a walk to Piazza San Marco Venezia to enjoy medium size personal pizza’s and wine because of course, you can’t visit Italy without having wine and pizza!

The weather was cold but not unbearable along with a little drizzle. As we walked back to the hotel I stared in amazement at the beautiful city of Venice.

I wore a hot pink jacket that was just right for the weather and paired it with a black one-piece jumpsuit, a denim top and added a leopard scarf for a pop of print along with white converse for traveling and then changed into leopard booties for dinner.


The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel which consisted of just about everything breakfast wise you could imagine. After breakfast, we went outside to capture a few more photos before getting back on the water taxi and sailing to our cruise ship.

Italy was beautiful, I definitely see myself visiting again and staying longer.

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Paris Takes NOLA: P-Day In Jackson Square!!

♥ On December 12, 2013 I turned 27 & I wanted to celebrate by embracing all things beautiful & positive by stepping outside my comfort zone. So, I headed downtown to Jackson Square in my hometown, New Orleans and captured the beautiful scenery.  The weather was perfect and the love I received from so many tourists was breathtaking. I couldn’t believe how many people pulled out their phones to join in with my photographer to take personal pictures of me on my special day (let’s not be too surprised if you see me on the cover of a foreign magazine, lol) I embraced it all and kept a smile on my face the whole time because I felt so loved, so beautiful and so carefree. Here’s to 27 being the year of embracing and stepping outside of my comfort zone, even more!

♥ Dress-Classy Closet. Booties-Charlotte Russe. Earrings-Vintage. Ring-Charming Charlie. Lipstick-MAC, Ruby Woo.

Family Vacation: Paris Takes Panama City, Florida.

♥ I had so much fun this past weekend. My parents and I spent Labor Day weekend in Panama City, Florida, which is six hours away from New Orleans, LA. We hit the road on Friday evening after my parents got off work. I drove for about 30 minutes then my dad took over while my mom and I relaxed and enjoyed the different views from state to state. This was a much-needed vacay for all of us, mainly them (I still haven’t fully recovered from Antigua, but I’m always up for a vacay) because they work so much and needed a weekend to get away and have some fun, which I believe is essential to life. We had a great time and are in the works of planning our next family vacay. Just being together every day, relaxing on the beach and sightseeing made us so happy.
 Check out a few of our pics!
















Style Snapshot: Fedora Hat-Aldo. High Heel Top- Classy Closet (sold out) Watch-Michael Kors. Charm Bracelet & Ankle Bracelet-Charming Charlie. Sunnies, Shorts & Bathing Suit Top-F-21. Slippers-Agaci’.

Paris Takes H-Town


“The most important thing to remember is that you can wear all the greatest clothes and all the greatest shoes, but you’ve got to have a good spirit on the inside. That’s what’s really going to make you look like you’re ready to rock the world.”-Alicia Keys
♥ Last day in H-Town. Headed to a meeting! 😉
Style Snapshot– Dress-Beauty With Satisfaction Boutique. Earrings- Vintage. Handbag-Justfab. Shoes-ShoeDazzle. Ring/Bracelet-Claries. Watch-Michael Kors, Dillards.


Paris Takes H-Town While Mixing Prints & Colorblocking

♥ Went to Houston this past weekend for a Classy Closet boutique party. While there, some friends and I decided to visit the Galleria Mall. Gosh! That mall was amazing. It wasn’t my first time there but I get excited each time I visit. One day, Classy Closet will be located inside. *speaking into existence* 😉
♥ Mixing stripe and leopard print!! I love mixing prints; it’s such a risk you take in fashion, but, the outcome is always something fun, creative & unique.
♥ Have fun with fashion! Mix prints and color-block! 😉
Style Snapshot-Blazer & Jeans-Wetseal. Shirt- Belt, Ring, & Pumps-F-21. Watch-Michael Kors, Dillards. Earrings-Claries. Handbag-Justfab.

Paris Takes NYC With A 70’s Vibe

♥ Love the hustle & bustle of New York!!! Sliding on my heels in the back seat of a taxi. My type of LIFE!!! 😉
NYC was amazing (as always). It was great to be surrounded by people who are taking life by the horns and making their own rules.
If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been bitten by the 70’s and high-waisted bug. I can’t seem to pull away (honestly, I’m not trying to) from the vintage look. It’s doing a lot to my fashion spirit and I’m loving every moment!!! Stay tuned for more inspired looks; you never know which era I’ll be mimicking next!!! 😉
♥ Sunday Brunch @ Intermezzo. One word: Delish!!!
♥ Brunch + Mimosa’s= My type of meal…;-)
♥ Intermezzo’s host!! Isn’t she FAB??! While on the microphone & in front of the entire restaurant, she told me, “You are BEAUTIFUL!!! & your teeth are so white. Are you a model” Now if you know me, you know immediately, I became shy. But after everyone shook their head & screamed YES SHE IS in agreement, I quickly got over my “shyness” and started to pass out business cards, lol!! Hey! they asked; and if you really know me, you know I’m all about networking and expanding my brand!! 😉
♥ Fresh off my flight!! New Orleans, I’m hommmee!! But not for long. 😉
♥ Top-Stein Mart. Belt & Jacket-F-21. Bangles-Aldo. Watch- Watch Out Boutique. High-Waisted Slacks- Thrifited. Earring-La Dolce Vida (Vintage) Heels-Charlotte Russe. Handbag-Macy’s (Brahmin)
Flight Attire:
♥ Top-F-21. Jeans-Wal-Mart (Miley Cyrus). Handbag- Classy Closet. Stockings (underneath)-Urban Outfitters. Boots-Bakers. Lipstick-KMLipstick.

Paris Takes NYC

During the summer, I had the opportunity to visit New York City to work on my Fashion styling portfolio with a company I work for by the name of The Network Fam. Of course, New York wouldn’t be New York with just all work and no play, so needless to say, I had a freaking BLAST!!! We woke up extremely early and went to bed extremely late but in between we went out and celebrated every night after a successful shoot. On the first night, before headed out to a party, we stopped at Panchito’s and had Margaritas and appetizers’ & next we danced the night away at Fat Black Pussy Cat. The next morning, we were all back on the rooftop shooting and styling as if we didn’t just get inside about 3 hours ago. The long working days were all worth it because we had a lot of fun and my portfolio came out beautiful!!! Can’t wait to visit NYC again, soon!
♥ These pictures aren’t in the order as the fun happened, but you’ll enjoy them! 😉
♥ On the train headed out to celebrate!!
♥ My fabulous publicist and I!
♥ Musicians playing in the subway!
♥ Yes, I did walk around NYC in these. There’s just no other way to do it.
♥ …Waiting on the train.
♥ Model Ashli rocking a Classy Closet dress. Styled by yours truly!
♥ Back of the Classy Closet Sexy Back Drop dress. Styled by yours truly.
♥ Two fashion stylist!!
♥ That’s my Manager!!!! 😉
♥ Was it necessary for me to swing my hair before sliding my Metro card?! LOL!! #TypicalParis
♥ About to give NYC a taste of Paris!!!
♥ Headed to give New York City a piece of Paris!
♥ Isn’t he fabulous?!
♥ Hanging out in the city!
♥ Who Run The World, GIRLS!!! Publicist, Models, Fashion Stylist & Manager! #TheNetworkFam
♥ Cheers to the freaking weekend!!!!
♥ We ordered just about the entire menu!!
♥ Yes, it was delish!!!
♥  Having breakfast with the models Ashli & Jazmine.
♥ …After breakfast, back to work!
♥ Styling on the rooftop with Classy Closet & Robb & Lulu items.
♥ Model Ashli wearing Classy Closet blazer and shorts with Karen Ko jewelry!
♥ Models Ashli and Jazmine wearing a Classy Closet dress and top. Styled by yours truly!
♥ There’s a hilarious reason for this picture being taken.
♥ NYC I’m here!!!!
♥ I’m officially a Metro card holder!!
♥ Rocking a pair of  Classy Closet earrings and ring!
♥ I love NYC!!!!
♥ Top-H&M. Accessories- Classy Closet. Watch-Dillards, Michael Kors. Shorts-F-21. Handbag-Macys, Brahmin. Shoes-Dillards, Jessica Simpson.
♥ Romper & Red Bag-F21. Earrings-Classy Closet. Watch-Dillards, Michael Kors. Flats-Wet Seal.

Paris Takes Memphis: Traveling In Style. Part II.

Before heading back to New Orleans I was told its imperative that I visit Ching’s Hot Wings and now I know why. The wings were delish and the ambiance was really cool & laid back. On the inside, it’s decorated with pictures of Memphis b-ball players, city officials, and the regular visitors. I was shocked when I was asked by the owner to take a picture now I’m anxious to go back to see it. While headed back to New Orleans I wore a blazer, cami, skinny jeans and leopard pumps. I also added a red lip to match my red nails and flashed a smile to all the passengers. It was a great feeling heading home but I miss Memphis so much and can’t wait to visit again!
♥ Blazer, Cami & Jeans- F-21. Purse- Ashley Stewart. Ring- Bakers. Watch- Watch Out Boutique. Pumps- Kardashian by Bebe.