Sweet Words From A Loyal Reader.

♥ I received this email from a Where Sexy Meets Classy reader and it really touched my heart. Just knowing that someone I never met before looks up to me and I encourage them makes me happy.
  Hi Paris! I want to start off by saying congratulations on being featured on Fashion Bomb Daily and your online boutique! I’m emailing you because you’re such an inspiration in my life. And I don’t get that often. You’re my little boost of encouragement. I look up to you! Your positive, love for GOD, going to school to pursue your masters, entrepreneur, fabulous! Need I say more? You’re an African American woman that is confident and a go-getter who needs not to depend on anyone. It’s like you’re the friend I wish I had in my life! I wish one day we can have brunch in N.O. sometimes life is so hard and you have setbacks and you wonder what’s your calling in life? No one wants to be a nobody, I have big dreams and want to do great things but it’s hard without a support system but I keep asking God what’s taking so long for me to shine. I’m in school taking up public relation and want to open my own firm and also my own doggy boutique I love animals! Sorry, I’m venting but you seem so real I just had to because I admire you! Thanks for being you! Oh P.S. I smiled when I saw you posted my question about the tan blazer on your blog! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule!
For any inquiries, style consultations, or just would like to say hi, please email me at stylistparishatcher@gmail.com


Fashion Q & A: How to wear suspenders?

♥ I’m having so much fun with reading & replying to everyone’s style consultant emails! Please keep them coming. Also, if any gentlemen read Where Sexy Meets Classy PLEASE feel free to email me a style question to stylistparishatcher@gmail.com. I would love to hear from y’all, too!
Hey Paris,
A friend of mine introduced me to your blog and I love your blog. I love your JS shoes. I have developed an interest in suspenders but I don’t own a pair. I wanted to know how I can wear them because I’m a bit busty (34DD to be exactly). Sidenote what is your workout routine because you are in great shape. I envy ur stomach. Thanks for your time.
  Thank you so much for your email and for enjoying my blog! It means a lot to me. Also, please tell your friend I said thank you for introducing you to my blog.
  I like the idea of you developing an interest in suspenders, it’s one of my favorite menswear-inspired accessories. Suspenders look great on any size breast. It doesn’t matter that you are a bit busty, as long as you wear them with confidence. I would style them with a button down, fitted jeans, pumps, handbag, & accessories. Also, depending on your comfort level with wearing shorts, I think it’ll be fab if you paired them with suspenders; high-waisted if possible.
♥ Alicia Keys wearing suspenders, a t-shirt, and high-waisted jeans.
   Here are a few options: Casual lunch w/ your girls. t-shirt, suspenders, fitted jeans or shorts, pumps, slingback heels, or flats (your choice), handbag, & accessories. (You can also go from a casual day to night by swapping your t-shirt with a dresser top and bottom with a mini skirt. Work attire: Blazer, button down, suspenders, pencil skirt or slacks, pumps, handbag, simple accessories.
♥ Beyonce’ wearing suspenders, button-down, and fitted jeans.
Lastly, thank you so much for your interest in my workout routine. When I have time to go to the gym, I usually attend the aerobic classes and afterwards, I try to push myself to do at least 500 or more crunches. If I’m too tired to reach that goal, I strive for 300.

Beauty Q&A: What’s my eyelash number and lipstick color?

Hey lady, how are you? Looks like all is well. Listen, I’ve been following you on your blog and I just wanna say love, love, LOVE it and congrats on the online boutique. I can’t wait until it launches as you inspire me with your fashion and I know you’ll have a lot of hot stuff on there. I also noticed that we have a lot of the same shoes and clothes as I work in Forever 21 and of course shop there also and shoe shopping is a horrible addiction of mine.
Anywho, I had a quick question, first of all, I love the red lipstick you wear and I was wondering what kind do you wear and also what kind of lashes do you wear. I haven’t forgotten about you either, I know I wrote you a long time ago about helping me style for my photoshoot and when the time comes again I definitely will think of you. Get back to me when you can.
 Hey doll!! I’m blessed, how are you? Thank you so much!! I really appreciate you following my blog and looking fwd to my online boutique. That means a lot to me! ;o) The name of the red lipstick I wear is called “Lick My Strawberry” by Sugar Lips. And I usually purchase my lashes from any beauty supply store. The # lashes I wear are #62. I started wearing them as my going out lashes and now they’re my fav & everyday lashes. #28’s are glam as well they’re more every day if you don’t want to be too dramatic with #62’s. Please let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be sure to respond. I’m looking fwd to styling you on your photoshoot! ttyl! *Muah*
♥ If you or anyone you may know would like me to answer a fashion or beauty question please don’t hesitate to email me: stylistparishatcher@gmail.com also, follow me on twitter where I give fashion and beauty tips! ;o)


Small Things I Enjoyed This Summer…

…Big curly hair. My fav!!
…Sexy bold color dress.


…Swimsuit cover up while I browse the streets of Mexico.
 …Wearing a comfy romper with sand in my toes.
…Enjoying a massage on an island.
            …Easy, breezy, colorful dress.
…Walking into a surprise made of towels.


…Made me smile every time.
 …I can do this all day.
…Renting a car in the middle of nowhere just to enjoy the moments & drive somewhere.
…First, stop Paradise Beach.


…This is where I attempted to learn how to swim.
…Hoped in the pool fully dressed, and loved every minute of it.
…Lashes, hair, & bold earrings.
…Cruising while soaking up the sun and reading.
…My Summer 2011 color. Funky Yellow.


…Every summer I tell myself I won’t ever do this again but always do. Parasailing. 😉
♥ Hope you enjoyed seeing the little things that made me smile this Summer. What did you do? And what made you smile? Summer is still here so start enjoying it if you haven’t! 😉


Statement Necklace Sold In Classy Closet!!

As some of you may know my cousins and I are launching an online boutique very soon by the name of Classy Closet. Here is just a sneak peek of a statement necklace we’ll have along with much more. Some of the items we’ll have are: Apparel, Handbags & Accessories!! Once the website is launched I’ll be sure to post it here! Stay tuned & Happy Shopping!! 😉

Check Out My Feature On The Brown Girl Files!!

  I am honored to announce my feature on The Brown Girl Files. I’ve been a reader of this blog way before I started mines. Actually, she inspired me to start wheresexymeetsclassy and she didn’t even know it. I would sit in my apartment and read all her older post and became inspired by EVERY topic. I admire the way she articulates herself, her ability to take risks and move across the country and her sassy style. Reading The Brown Girl Flies was like receiving a copy of Vogue every month I would get lost in the pictures and so caught up in the articles that I felt as if I was traveling along with Joan, but The Brown Girl Files was even better because instead of waiting every month to receive my Vogue issue; I was able to log on each time she updated and seen something new and inspiring. I would tell all my friends about her blog and would say “You have to visit, she makes you want to quit your job, take a risk and travel in style (I saw an older post where she quit her job, went out with her friends and took fabulous pics.)  Therefore, after being a HUGE fan for a while, I decided to email her just to let her know how she has inspired me thus far. Joan and I have been corresponding via email for the past few months now and she’s such a positive person who has encouraged me to reach many goals. Please take time to check out my feature as well as visit her blog, often. You’ll love it!!


2011 Vision Board…;)

Have you ever heard of the saying, write down your dreams and watch them come to life? Well, I’ve been doing that for about six years now and I can honestly say the majority of my dreams have come true already. This year along with writing my dreams down, I decided to create a vision board. I’ve heard many people speak about how it’s great to have because everything you envision is displayed on a board. I created it last month and it has been very influential in my life. It gives me the motivation to continue working hard towards my dreams. It’s displayed on the inside of my door so every time I’m walking out it reminds me to continue working hard because that’s the only way all those pictures will come to life. If you haven’t yet created a vision board, I strongly encourage you to do so. It’s nothing more wonderful than working toward something and watching it come to life!!! 😉
♥ “Four steps to achievement: Plan Purposefully. Prepare Prayerfully. Proceed Positively. Pursue Persistently.”



Hi Dolls & Gents!!

As many of you may know; I’ve started my own business as a Fashion Stylist. This has always been one of my many dreams and to watch it come to life is really surreal. I enjoy creating looks while helping people feel as well as look beautiful. I’m very passionate about my career and would love to help you or someone you may know to find your personal style!! 🙂




Please email me for an appointment!! stylistparishatcher@gmail.com.
My services include, but aren’t limited to: Personal Shopping, Image and Wardrobe Consultant and Photo & Editorial stylist.

Special discount for those who own one of my business cards!! 😉

Be Sheek & Eat!!!

I styled and hosted the “Be Sheek and Eat” Fall Fashion Event with my good friend Annette Jones. She has an awesome non-profit organization where she helps empower youth. We had a great turn out and an excellent performance by Kourtney Heart. I’ll be sure to post more pics once I receive them. The fashion show was to help empower young girls and to show them how beautiful they are; inside and out. The girls wore designs from the fabulous Jonelle Duncan and other local boutiques. For some of the girls it was their first time modeling and if you were in the audience, you wouldn’t have known; everyone looked Fab and did a GREAT job!!


♥ The beautiful Annette Jones & I!!!
♥ Fabulous Designer, Johnelle Duncan

I wore a vintage jumpsuit that was for my mom years ago. I took it to a tailor to get minor alterations, paired it with a few vintage accessories, added my “never full” leopard bag and stepped high with a pair of Chloe’ boots. Lately, I’ve been trying to raid her closet for all her vintage clothes and accessories. There’s nothing like fashion from the early 80’s!!!



♥ Jumpsuit-My Mom’s Vintage Closet, Bag- Stein Mart, Accessories- La Dolce Vida Boutique, Boots-Bakers.