Living By My Motto!!

♥ Red light pic!!
 ♥ Such a FUN night!! 🙂

Recently, I was asked to work the VIP entrance door at Club NV and had so much fun. The Delta’s had a convention in New Orleans and a party at the club. It was interesting seeing a lot of people come from all across the world to New Orleans and have such a great time. Although I wasn’t a part of the convention I was ecstatic to see new faces in town and appreciate everyone for visiting such a wonderful and historic city! These pictures were captured in my car and by a photography company by the name of “The Street Cam.” Since it was my first time working the door, and me not paying much attention to girls when they work the door at clubs, I wanted to wear something I would feel comfortable in as well as sexy. So I knew I could never go wrong with a little black dress, heels, accessories, flawless makeup, and a clutch to hold all my girly necessities. I purchased this dress from Arden B, and although I could’ve worn jeans I live by my motto. “I’m always going to dress prettier than I think I should.”

Dress- Arden B, Shoes- Bakers, Accessories- Forever 21 & Charming Charlie!!

A Classic Fashion Trend, Stripes!!

               Typical me, always in my own world! 😉


♥ my legs!!
Stripes are a fashion trend that’s very classy and it looks great with a color that’s eye-catching. When I ordered this dress online, I knew my shoe color had to stand out. Therefore, my Steve Madden pumps were perfect to wear with my stripe mini dress. I wanted to keep it classy so I decided my pearl accessories would be perfect. Hope you like the pics! 🙂

♥ Dress- ArdenB, Shoes-Steve Madden, Purse-Bakers, Accessories- Forever 21!

"The Dress Speaks For Itself"

Recently I went to a B-day party and had a blast. I wore an American Apparel dress and styled it with a pair of heels from Shoe Nami, the most comfortable heels in life; I danced the night away ;). When I purchased this dress, I had no idea what accessories or shoes I would match with it, but that was the least of my concern because I just had to have it in my collection of dresses. I’ve seen about two different girls with the exact same dress, and then I came to the realization of how I would like to wear mine. Seeing people with things I own always give me an idea of how to wear or how not to wear things, but in a totally different way. I styled it with pearls because the lace put me in a classy mood. I went all over searching for the perfect necklace. I imagined my ideal necklace to be very bold and eye-catching and I found it at Bebe. With a clutch, in my opinion, small is the way to go, because the dress already speaks for itself. A larger clutch or a handbag would take away the elegance of a dress, therefore; simple and classy is always the way to go. My nails were the easy part, I knew I wanted a color that’s fun and would pop as a result, “Crushed” by Sally Hansen was the color of choice for the night. It’s more of a burnt orange so to say…I had a blast at the party; I felt just the way I looked! ;). Also, from the compliments, I received others felt the same!! 😉

♥ Dress- American Apparel, Accessories- Bebe & Aldo, Shoes- Shoe Nami, Clutch- Bakers


Paris Takes Chicago Wearing A Ruffle Shouler Cardigan , Booties, & The Perfect Jeans!

       I went to Chicago for the very first time!! I’ve heard so much about this wonderful city and was really anxious to visit. It’s also often called the “windy city” and believe me, it lives up to its name. I wanted to dress weather appropriate and classy, so along with a short sleeve shirt, I made sure I packed a sweater. This is one of my favorite sweaters. You can wear it with just about anything; unbutton with a fitted dress or tights and flip-flops. It’s easy going and the balloon sleeves give it that fun feel. Also, these booties are my favorite as well. The heels add about 5 inches to my 4’10 frame and make me feel really sexy! Oh yea! these pants are the PERFECT fit(it’s really hard to find jeans that fit my waist and my butt) so I had to purchase these, and check out where from @ the bottom!!! The material is cotton and spandex but they give you the spandex look but with a jean style (which is now called jeggings) leggings and jeans together…had to buy more than one pair! 😉
♥ Sweater, Clutch, Shirt- Forever 21, Jeans-Walmart (Miley Cyrus), Shoes- Charlotte Russe, Accessories-Ring & Earrings Beauty Store, Charm Bracelet from Guess


A Classic Look!

On this particular day, I wanted to go out with a very classic look. I had just recently picked up my skirt from the tailor shop, and I loved the fit so I was determined to wear it soon. This is the type of skirt you can mix and match with just about any kind of top because of the print. I preferred to keep it simple just with a basic color, but I’ve noticed in magazines the trend now is mixing prints. Not sure if that’s something I’ll follow, but who knows with the right zebra top anything is possible 😉 Also, for more of a laid-back look, this skirt would look cute with a basic or print tank top, sandals, long strap purse, hair pulled back and simple accessories.
♥ Top-Guess, Belt, Skirt, Bag, Accessories- Forever 21, Vintage Stockings, Shoes-Aldo

Yay!! It’s Almost Summer!

Summer is almost here & this summer I want to live in a swimsuit!! That want is contingent upon me sticking to my workout schedule. However, I’ve been working out like crazy, from squats to sit-ups while listening to Melanie Fiona, Lauryn Hill and Beyonce on my mp3 player. This picture was captured last summer while at a photo shoot for a 2010 swimsuit calendar.

So basically, I’m trying to maintain that look!! 😉

♥ Top and bottom- Walmart, Shoes-Shoe Nami, Accessories- Forever21

Paris Takes Minnesota Wearing The Three L’s Every Girl Should Have In Her Wardrobe

♥ Lace, Leather, & Leopard!
♥ Check out my Leopard car seats!
♥ Leopard button earrings!
♥ We danced the night away!
The three L’s every girl should have in her closet are; Lace, Leather, and Leopard. With these items, it’s easy to mix and match with other great styles. These pictures were taken when my cousin came to Minnesota for a visit. We had the best time together! It was a much-needed girl time for us both. We shopped, got manicures & pedicures, partied, and took tons of pictures.
♥ Shirt-Forever 21, Leggings- Frock Candy, Boots-Gojane, Clutch & Accessories-Aldo


My Favorite Accessory!!

I’m so in love with brooches, they are my utmost favorite accessory! You can dress up any simple ensemble and make it look classy just with a brooch. I have so many in different colors & styles from flowers to pearls. I fell in love with them a few years ago, & now I have a whole collection. Last summer, I went to Toronto, Canada (best trip ever). While shopping I found a store with the most elegant brooches I’ve ever seen; that’s where I purchased the majority of them (sorry I don’t remember the store name).

Picture locations (From L-R) Headed to a friend B-day party, Having dinner in D.C., Vacation in Vegas, My going away party, Hornets basketball game, College graduation day!


Feeling like I live in Paris, France!!

While getting dressed, my mood always determines my look for that day. Usually, I’m in a happy, thankful, and humble mood. Therefore, my clothing will describe my feelings, but it will always be “Where Sexy Meets Classy.” On this particular day, I was feeling very “Paris France” for some odd reason, while headed to work. I visualized a few looks and then immediately, the entire style came to me. I knew I wanted to wear a hat and a skirt so this outfit inspired me to feel like I lived in Paris for the day! 😉

♥ Hat- Beauty store, Blouse & Skirt-Forever 21, Shoes- Shoe Nami in New Orleans, Accessories- Everywhere, but majority

Wooohooo I’m 23!!

For my 23rd birthday, I wanted to try something new and fresh, something I have never worn before. So, I decided to try a RED LIP! I absolutely loved it!!! It was the best color I could’ve ever played with. Therefore, when I decided the red lip was the color of choice for the night I also decided to paint my nails red. The picture of me in the red robe is when I first tried it on. I immediately called my dad in the room to snap this wonderful moment! ;-). After getting dressed I also had him to take more pictures of me, while my friends called and texted, and me saying “Ok I’m walking out the door” & “Ok I’m on the bridge.” Of course, they didn’t believe me because they know I’m always last minute..haha!! However, I did make it there and we had a FABULOUS time. We talked about our future plans and goals, we laughed, we ate, and we danced the night away…My birthday was awesome, it felt great to be in such good company and just living life while wearing red lipstick!!
♥ Dress- American Apparel, Vintage stockings, Shoes, Accessories & Clutch-Aldo, Jacket- Charlotte Russe