Yoga vs The Gym

I attended Hot Yoga classes at Magnolia Yoga Studio here in New Orleans at the end of January to the end of February. I signed up for their 30 classes for 30 dollars and it was amazing!!!! First off, it was my first time trying hot yoga and I didn’t know what to expect for my first class. I didn’t know how hot it’d be but I wore pants during the first class and that was it for me. The following classes I wore shorts and a sports bra. I have completed my classes but I do see myself investing in more classes towards the 3rd quarter within this year. I decided during that time because I still have my gym membership, which is enough for now.


Benefits of Yoga: I wrote a post here about the “7 Healthy Benefits Of Yoga” along with those health benefits, yoga also helps with balance, focus and I found it to be spiritual as well. At the end of each class, each instructor told us to honor ourselves by showing up today and we all said at the end of class, together “Namaste” which means to thank the teacher or use as an expression of relief upon the ending of class.


What did I learn from Yoga: Honestly, I wouldn’t say that there’s anything new that I learned while in yoga but there are some things that were highlighted such as focus. It takes pure focus on yourself in the mirror to balance out each pose when the person next to you is falling down or coming out of the pose early. Another thing that was highlighted to me while in yoga class was the power of being your own cheerleader in your head. So many times I had to push myself mentally through poses by being the biggest cheerleader in my head. I once heard a quote by Henry Ford “If you think you can or if you think you can’t, both are usually right.” I correlate that to yoga because if you think you can’t hit a pose without even trying, you’re right because you haven’t given yourself the opportunity to try. While in yoga class, you should do your absolute best to hit every pose. It doesn’t matter if you do the pose and come out of it early, what matters most is you showing up and trying. Honor yourself for that along!

What do I gain from going to the gym? The gym is my place!!! Read here about my Fitness Journey here. I love going to the gym because I am working on the target areas where I feel I need to improve. While in yoga, I’m not hitting those target areas because that’s not what yoga entails.

Overall, I would say that it’s a healthy balance to have both memberships but if you’re like me and you’re focused on specific areas, I would say get a gym membership but if you want to work on your balance and focus by pushing yourself and trying different poses, get a yoga membership. Either one works and there’s no such thing as being too healthy or too active.



How To Dress For Church

On Saturday nights, I find myself being very careful about which clothes I pick out for church the next day. I am very aware of the shape that I have so I intentionally pick out clothing that doesn’t draw too much attention to my figure. I am all for body positivity but I feel that there’s a time and place for everything and I just don’t believe that church is a place you should flaunt it all. (that’s just my opinion) But, if I’m being honest, I can’t say that every pencil skirt or pair of slacks that I pick out conceals my shape. That’s just hard to do. I’m a size 3-4 there’s no way I’d wear a size 6 skirt just to cover my shape in church, NO! I believe that’s unnecessary. I refuse to wear clothes that will swallow my petite figure, but what I will do is wear a blazer that comes down lower enough in the back, that way everything isn’t all out there screaming for unwanted attention.

A ruffled blouse and leather pencil skirt that comes below the knee. This style is perfect for church and work.

Within the last few weeks, these are the styles I wore to church. Even when I wear dresses, it comes to a certain length right above the knee or below but not ever too high. It’s all about respect. I know we’re living in a day in age where “if you got it flaunt it” but there’s a time and place for everything and church isn’t the place.

Blazer, lace crop top (which is actually see through but I’m wearing a black camisole underneath) and high waisted black slacks, black stockings and black pumps. Great outfit for church or a business meeting.

Now there’s nothing wrong with showing your stylish side but always do it with class. Everything should be done in moderation. If all you have to wear is bodycon dresses, then wear a longer blazer to take the attention off of your shape in the dress. The blazer should stop at least at by your hips. A blazer can help you with a lot of styles you may want to wear in church. Purchase one that’s universal that you can dress up or down and accessorize it differently each time with a brooch or pearls to give it a different look each time you wear decide to wear it.

Like I did with this blazer + bodycon dress. This is a great transitional outfit that can take you from church to brunch.



7 Healthy Benefits of Yoga

I’ve always wanted to start practicing yoga and this year I decided to invest in a month worth of hot yoga classes from Magnolia Yoga Studio here in New Orleans. So far, I’ve completed two classes without walking out, lol! The first class was 60 mins and the second was 90 mins. Honestly, the first class I felt as if I was going to fall out but I continued pushing myself to the end. I was very proud of myself for being able to focus and be my own cheerleader in my head. I kept telling myself, “You can do this P! Look around you, everyone’s pushing themselves to their maximum potential. Just keep going.” I pushed myself to do all of the poses and it felt great! I plan to do yoga at least 3 times a week along with going to the gym. Yoga is how I am practicing self-care this year. If you’re not familiar with my self–care regimen read more about it here.

Helps you to focus

An important component of yoga is focusing on the present. Studies have found that regular yoga practice improves coordination, reaction time, memory, and even IQ scores.

Joint Support

By gently taking joints ankles, knees, hips & shoulders through their range of motion, asana helps keep them strong, which researchers say may help keep you moving freely in athletic and everyday pursuits as you age.

Improves flexibility

Improved flexibility is one of the first and most obvious benefits of yoga. During your first class, you probably won’t be able to touch your toes, never mind do a backbend. But if you stick with it, you’ll notice a gradual loosening, and eventually, seemingly impossible poses will become possible. You’ll also probably notice that aches and pains start to disappear.

Increase blood flow

Yoga gets your blood flowing. More specifically, the relaxation exercises you learn in yoga can help your circulation, especially in your hands and feet. Yoga also gets more oxygen to your cells, which function better as a result. Twisting poses are thought to wring out venous blood from internal organs and allow oxygenated blood to flow in once the twist is released. Inverted poses, such as Headstand, Handstand, and Shoulderstand, encourage venous blood from the legs and pelvis to flow back to the heart, where it can be pumped to the lungs to be freshly oxygenated.

Improves your balance

Regularly practicing yoga increases proprioception (the ability to feel what your body is doing and where it is in space) and improves balance. People with bad posture or dysfunctional movement patterns usually have poor proprioception, which has been linked to knee problems and back pain.

Helps you to sleep deeper

Yoga can provide relief from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Restorative asana, yoga nidra (a form of guided relaxation), Savasana, pranayama, and meditation encourage pratyahara, a turning inward of the senses, which provides downtime for the nervous system.

Gives you peace of mind

Yoga slows down the mental loops of frustration, regret, anger, fear, and desire that can cause stress. And since stress is implicated in so many health problems from migraines and insomnia to lupus, MS, eczema, high blood pressure, and heart attacks if you learn to quiet your mind, you’ll be likely to live longer and healthier.

The Pro + Con of Overshopping

After getting ready to attend a few events, I noticed something about myself. I tend to shop my closet first because nine times out of ten, there’s something new for me to wear in there. I have a closet full of clothes I haven’t worn, which is a pro and a con. The pro is, I have lots of stylish items and I don’t have to actually do any real shopping for a while. The con is, at times,  I over shop and forget what I have.

I tend to over shop when I’m preparing for a vacation or I’d shop while on vacation. In each one of the pictures below, I purchased each item while doing one or the other shopping for vacay or on vacay.

My motto as of lately: Shop in advance and when it’s time to attend an event, you don’t have to search for an outfit to wear at the last minute.

I needed something to wear to a charity brunch and of course, I shopped my closet, first. I purchased this dress in July of this year from a boutique while vacationing in DC. I finally got the chance to wear it after 4 months.


I purchased this dress in March 2017 prior to my vacay to Belize. I didn’t get the chance to wear it then but finally, I wore it in Oct 2018 to a Women’s Brunch.


I was blessed with tickets last minute to the Beyonce & Jay Z concert. So, of course, I needed something fab to wear. Shopping malls aren’t my thing anymore especially when it’s last minute shopping, so, I shopped my closet. I purchased these sequin shorts prior to vacationing to Belize in March 2017. I didn’t get the chance to wear them while there so I finally wore them in Sep. 2018.



How To Travel In Style + Comfort

Traveling in style nowadays consists of me wearing flats while looking stylish and being comfortable. Comfortability has been my main priority when it comes to long flights around the world. I use to travel in high heels but haven’t been doing so as of lately because going through security and sometimes running to my gate causes for me to be comfy, comfy, comfy! From Abu Dhabi to Vancouver to Florida to Dallas and to DC, I’ve been dressing down and wearing comfortable shoes.

Here’s a style travel tip: If you must wear heels, carry a pair inside of your carry on luggage and when your flight lands, go to the ladies room and change into your heels.

Check out my styles below and let me know in the comment section how do you prefer to dress while traveling? Is it Comfy Chic or Dressed to the Tee?!

Waiting on my flight in the Dallas airport.


Arrived in DC


Leaving DC with my mom!


At the airport in Florida.


Had to visit the Mosque in Abu Dhabi before I board a long flight back to the United States.


Leaving NOLA headed to Vancouver.


Leaving Vancouver headed to the airport!



Personal Style: Tomboy Chic

Let’s chat about personal style. Did you know that every last one of us has a personal style? Think about it, each one of us can think of at least one clothing item that makes us feel comfortable and confident. That one thing could be a pair of jeans or your favorite t-shirt because you love the feel of a comfortable cotton T-shirt that you can dress up or down. Here’s my thing! I am girly and extremely feminine so my personal style would be considered as Sexy and Classy. When I was about two years old, I started wearing my mother’s heels around the house. I played dress up in her clothes, smeared her lipstick all around my face and drenched myself in some of her finest perfumes. So naturally, as I grew up, I became attracted to all things feminine and girly and that hasn’t changed. I am still the same way but over the years, I’ve added a few more looks to my personal style.


Hence, what I’m wearing here. This style is called Tomboy Chic because of the leather jacket and distressed boyfriend jeans. I’ve always been a distressed jeans type of girl BUT I wasn’t always boyfriend jeans wearing girl. I always preferred my jeans tight and high waisted but now I’m trying out these lower and loose fitted jeans. The reason they’re called boyfriend jeans because of the baggy style, similar to the style of jeans your boyfriend would wear. I think it’s fun to switch up your look every now and then while allowing yourself to try different styles. Fashion and having a personal style should be fun and not taken too seriously, to the point where you’re over thinking it. Just remember what I always say, you can look good in anything as long as you’re wearing confidence and a smile.

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Must-Have Accessory For Fall Season

One of my favorite accessories to wear for the fall season is a fedora. They’re perfect for bad hair days or days when you just want to look fly! Currently, in Classy Closet, there are two colors available: Olive and Burgundy which are both the must-have colors for this season.


Another great thing about wearing a fedora is, you can dress it up or down, either way, looks great. I recently went to a networking mixer where the attire had to be business casual. I wore a mustard color blouse from H&M and paired it with one of my favorite jeans from Fashion Nova. I completed my look with a caged purse from Classy Closet (sold out) gold minimalist sandals and of course, a burgundy fedora.


The Olive Fedora is so rich in color. I paired it with a leather jacket, which is another must-have for fall. A pair of black and grey-ish acid wash jeans styled with olive Steve Madden pointy toe booties. The fedora makes this entire outfit pop. It’s one of those accessories where you can slip on a t-shirt and jeans and let the hat do the talking.



Fedoras are definitely a must have! Grab yours from Classy Closet before they’re gone!

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Fitness Journey So Far.

One of my new year’s resolutions was to do my best to live a healthier lifestyle. I wasn’t always that type that took working out seriously, years ago I had a gym membership and I just wasn’t consistent with it at all. At that time I didn’t have a goal, I wasn’t certain about which machines to use and I felt as if I was just wasting my time and money, so I let the membership go. During that time, I didn’t drink much water or watched what I ate.

Fast forward to now and working out has become apart of my self-care regimen. Since I turned 30, I noticed changes within my body some I like and some I didn’t like but I’m not the type of person to harper on what I don’t like and sit back and complain, I prefer to do something about it so I decided to get a gym membership and this time be more consistent. I do my best to workout at least 3-4 times a week and I’m drinking more water and no cold drinks at all (soda’s). I made a few changes with my meals as far as staying away from pork and fried foods but my diet is still a work in progress because I LOVE to eat!


I am not all the way there and I haven’t hit my goal of having a 4 pack without sucking in but I am proud of myself for making positive changes and doing my best to live a healthier lifestyle. I know I’ll see results as long as I continue to put the work in and stay focused. So! That’s what I’m doing!!!

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Beyonce Concert Outfit Breakdown

I wanted to go with more of an edgy sexy look instead of my normal sexy and classy style. 

This is the break down of what I wore:

Denim Hat- I love denim and I just had to have this denim snapback hat from H&M. On the front of the hat stitched in blue reads ‘Odd Behavior.’ Adding the snapback was a last minute decision but I’m glad I did. It add a fun masculine look to my edgy style and went perfectly with the shorts and boots. 

On Saturday night for the first time ever, I attended Beyonce’s concert along with my girl Portia.

I wanted to go with more of an edgy sexy look instead of my normal sexy and classy style.

This is the break down of what I wore:

Denim Hat- I love denim and I just had to have this denim snapback hat from H&M. On the front of the hat stitched in blue reads ‘Odd Behavior.’ Adding the snapback was a last minute decision but I’m glad I did. It adds a fun masculine look to my edgy style and went perfectly with the shorts and boots.

Distressed Shirt- My love for anything distressed runs deep. I’ve always wanted to wear a distressed T-shirt and found someone local to design it in a matter of a few hours before the concert. I was going to go to Wal-mart and pick up a shirt I could get distressed but instead, I decided to shop my closet and came across this T-shirt. I immediately brought it over to the designer house and within a matter of minutes, my outfit was finally complete.

High-Waisted Denim Shorts- I very, very seldom wear shorts. OH! But when I do, this is the outcome. Purchased from H&M as well, size 6. What I love most about this pair is the spandex material. It has the same spandex stretch as my favorite H&M pants.  I love a good pair of denim that’s affordable & hugs you in all the right places.

Boots- The highlight of the night, purchased from I styled my entire look around these boots. I knew I wanted to go for an edgy look and felt these over the knee tie up denim boots would give me that exact look I was going for.  These boots run true to size. Part of me wish I would’ve purchased a half size up but overall, I am happy with them especially since they fit my thighs. Over the years I’ve had problems with finding a nice thigh high boot because none of the pairs I tried on gave me the fit I was going for. These exceeded my expectations and just to think I was contemplating on sending them back.

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Why I Took A Social Media Break + How To Style a .74 Cent Blouse.

Lately, I’ve been focusing a lot on personal growth along with getting accumulated to being back in NOLA. While on this personal growth journey, this is what I’ve been up to:

Lately, I’ve been focusing a lot on personal growth along with getting accustomed to being back in NOLA. While on this personal growth journey, this is what I’ve been up to:

Just curious, is it me or do you all realize it’s a lot of information/distractions out there? I mean I love all the info such as what to do & the how to’s etc., but lately, I find myself pulling back and just doing me. I had to unsubscribe from a few emails because I felt myself going into information overload. I deleted the Periscope app from my phone because I was getting way too many alerts and each time one of my favorites would get on I would join in too. However, I was getting off track with my goals and deadlines I had set for that particular day. I noticed I was wasting a lot of time on social media mainly Instagram and although it’s how I grow my business, personally I just needed a break. I needed a break from waking up checking my Instagram, throughout the day, checking my Instagram & before bed, checking my Instagram. I just had to tell myself that it’s not that serious. I needed to focus on my next move, transitioning into a new season and just living in the moment. Now, I’m waking up and centering my thoughts, thinking about how I can grow my brand, who can I help in business & what I can do today that my future self would be proud of instead of overwhelming myself with tips and advice from the “experts.”  

Sometimes, pulling away from social media could be a good thing especially since we all know it’s not going anywhere.  I made a list of a few things I would like to focus on more. One is this blog; I started blogging about 6 years ago and to me, I feel as if I should be further than I am. While on this Instagram break, I realized what’s the main problem and that is: I am not consistent with posting blog posts as I am on social media. I had this blog before Instagram was created and I had to ask myself, why are you neglecting your first love? There’s no excuse at all. NONE would be good enough! All I could do is learn from the past and work on becoming better. I have everything I need to grow my brand, my blog and my social media presence I just need to take it seriously and do the work. Taking this time away from Instagram made me take a hard look at myself, my brand, my business, and my goals and although I’m not where I want to be, I am definitely on my way.

Now on to what I’m wearing because let’s be real here, this is what you came here for! So without further ado, here it is:

   I am wearing a leopard vintage top that I scored at a local thrift store for 75% off $2.95 so I paid a sweet .74 cents. Talk about a happy shopper!! This is one of those tops where you can remix it and dress it up or down.  You’ll definitely see this one in rotation on the blog. I paired it with a tan pencil skirt purchased from F-21 & I believe it was about $20. I completed my look with gold accessories: a gold choker, rings, watch/bracelets, clutch, and minimalist sandals. And of course, no look is ever complete without hair and makeup. A few days ago I got my hair braided and I must say, this is one of my favorite hairstyles. I’ve received more compliments on this style more than any other braids I’ve worn. The thing I love most about this style is the fact that it’s a cool hairstyle for these hot summer days. I don’t have to worry about lots of hair down my back and it’s off my face. I love a hairstyle that shows more of my face. This is one of my top 5 braiding styles. On my lips, I’m wearing a matte red lipstick purchased from a local beauty store.

I wore this look to church but it’s also a great style to wear to a fancy brunch.

Paris Wears:

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Style Snapshot: Leopard Vintage Blouse- Family Thrift Store. Sunnies-A’gaci. Tan Pencil Skirt & Rings-F-21. Clutch- Bakers Shoes. Choker- Boutique in LA. Minimalist Gold Sandals- Shoe Nami.