Confession!! My Obession! :)

I’m always getting compliments on how white and pretty my teeth are and replying, “Thanks, I use Crest White Strips.” Their reactions are always, “WOW, those things REALLY work.” Indeed they do. I’ve been using them for about five years now, not because I have to anymore, I’m just obsessed with the products and having a beautiful smile. I first started using the strips my freshman year in college. At that time I would wear them two times a day. In the shower, on the phone, and watching television doesn’t matter what I was doing I whitened my teeth at the same time. Nowadays, I wear them just in the shower and when I think about it, but not every night anymore. By me using them for so long and if I use them consecutive I notice my teeth would become really sensitive. So now it’s about three days a week and one time a day instead of seven days a week and two times a day. Also, I use the mouthwash and the toothpaste every day so both products suffice for the strips.
♥ All products sold at Wal-mart.


Polish, Polish, Polish!!

♥ A true expression of my personality! 🙂
♥ I have all colors I prefer, but I’ll still continue to collect more!! 🙂
There is no such thing as too many nail polishes, a girl needs her options. I’ve been wearing my natural nails for eight months now and it’s the best thing I could’ve ever done. After wearing false nails for so long, my real nails were damaged. I wanted to take better care of my hands so I decided to stop going to the nail salon, cold turkey. It wasn’t planned; I just knew it was something I wanted to do. I remember the last nail polish I wore before deciding I wasn’t going back anymore. It was red by OPI. I thought to myself, “I could do this, and it’ll save me time and money.” So now, I’ve been collecting different color polishes because sometimes I’m feeling orange, sometimes it’s pink, sometimes it’s red and other times it may be yellow. I have gotten so much better with painting my right hand, and now I’m doing it like a professional and FREE! 🙂 There are pros and cons of wearing false and natural nails. The pro with false nails is the liberty of someone else doing your manicure. The con is you paying them for their service. The pro with natural “do it yourself” nails, not having to go to the nail salon if you want a polish change after two days. The con is your polish chipping after two days. So for now, natural nails are the way to go for me. Free, save time, and I have my options if I want to change after two days! Can’t beat that!! 😉


♥ Dresser Full of Accessories!!

Necklaces!! 🙂
Accessories are things girls should always keep a variety of. Recently, I’ve been shopping for new and different accessories. Things I can dress up or down. I found a lot at a store called Charming Charlie OMG! That place is like heaven on earth I promise. Every kind and color accessory is there…EVERY!! I went, fell in ♥, spent a lot of money *too embarrassed to say how much LOL* and left the happiest person on earth with a huge smile :-). Stein Mart is where I’ve purchased a majority of my sophisticated accessories. It’s my mom favorite store and we can’t walk out without a bag or two. When putting an ensemble together accessories are essential *my opinion* it can either make or break your outfit. Too much of one color is truly a NO, NO. Meaning if you wear red, you should never ever wear a red watch, necklace, earrings, and bracelet all at once. It’s just to “matchy, matchy” and nothing stands out. The only time you can get away with accessories that match is when wearing silver, gold, or pearls and with those, I prefer to add a little color!!
I’ve learned how to smart accessory shop *thanks to my mom* she has taught me to purchase something I can wear with many different outfits. Example: Necklace…I like to purchase bold necklace’s that are mainly silver, gold, and pearl. If I buy a silver long necklace with a lot of chains, I’ll also buy a silver short with a lot of chains, but I’ll ensure it has something on it that stands out like a pearl or a bow. That way if I see a silver long or short necklace I won’t purchase it because chances are I have something similar at home. I prefer to buy long and short necklaces because depending on what I’m wearing, I would have the correct accessory. However, I may have things the same color but one is definitely different from the other. Here are a few of my accessories I keep on my dresser!
Rings, Earrings, & Brooches!!!
♥ RINGS!!!
You can never have too many necklaces… 🙂


♥ My Brooches!!!
♥ Eiffel Tower’s…:)
♥ The life of a girly girl!! 🙂


My Soft & Pretty Look….

I’m often asked, what type of make-up am I wearing, and who does it. In my opinion, make-up is a do what works for you kind of thing. I don’t stick to one particular brand; I prefer to experiment until I find what works for me. I’ve experimented with different kinds of blushes and glosses for so long, and now I can finally say, “I’ve found MY look.” An everyday look for me includes Maybelline Mineral Powder Liquid Foundation with Maybelline pure makeup on top, (great for those who have oily skin like mines) Espresso by MAC for my brows, Dolly Mix blush by MAC, and Pink Poodle gloss by MAC. My preference with make-up has always been the “soft and pretty look” especially while I’m at work, but out on the town, it’s a different story. Refer back to my “Red Lip” post.

"A woman’s perfume tells more about her than her handwriting"~ Christian Dior

I believe your ensemble isn’t complete until you smell the way you look! Lately, I’ve been in love with these two perfumes. They both smell so good, and no matter which one I wear I always get compliments on them. Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture is more of a fresh vanilla kind of scent, but not too strong. The sweetness of the scent gives you a fun and girly feel. It’s very light and perfect for all year round. The pink bow on the bottle gives it such a pretty appearance; you can’t help but wear it. Forever by Mariah Carey is very chic sophisticated. The crystal bottle is classy and the scent is very glamour, sexy, & elegant. I have the whole set including the travel size bottle; you never know when you may need to splash a little on ;-). Both perfumes are my favorite and it’s hard for me to choose between the two (like it is every day). My decision is contingent on what I’m wearing and how I’m feeling. If I’m feeling girly and pretty I’ll wear Viva La Juicy by Juicy Couture, and when I’m feeling sexy and sophisticated I’ll wear Forever by Mariah Carey. You can never go wrong with either, and both scents last for a very long time!

♥ “A woman who doesn’t wear perfume has no future”~Coco Chanel