Beauty 101: Spa Pedicures


Spa Pedicures


♥ Mix a handful of sea salt and a squirt of body wash in a basin of warm water. Soak feet for ten minutes.


♥ Take one foot out of the water and pat dry. Cut toenails straight across, and with a medium-grit file, round the edges slightly to prevent ingrown.


♥ Coat cuticles with a thick cream and apply callus-softening gel to tough spots, then place your foot back in the water. “The gel will start breaking down thickened skin,” says manicurist Sheril Bailey.


♥ Push back your cuticles with a HindoStone. This mildly abrasive stone “smooths the surface of the nail-lifting away skin cells without scratching, “says manicurist Josephine Allen (


♥ Using a pumice stone or a foot file, buff callused skin. Massage a grainy scrub over your foot and lower leg, then rinse and pat dry.


♥ Apply cream to both feet. Dip a nail brush in the soapy water and scrub oily residue off your nails. Weave a tissue between your toes to separate them.


♥ Apply a base coat, two thin layers of polish (in three even strokes- right, middle, left –waiting two minutes between coats) and a fast-drying topcoat. Then let nails dry for 15-20 minutes (depending on the fast-drying coat) before you put on shoes.

Beauty 101: At Home Facials


Hi Dolls & Gents! As I was reading Allure’s June 2012 issue I thought it would be really cool to share the great beauty tips I came across (As you know, I enjoy sharing what I find interesting in magazines) Therefore, the next few posts will be dedicated to all things beauty, from facials to pedicures.  Hope you are as excited to read, as I am to share.
At- Home Facials


♥ A weekly facial prevents the clogged pores and dull skin that come from wearing, sweat, and sunscreen. Do it post-shower, when skin is still damp, for the best results.


♥ Exfoliate clean skin with a sugar scrub, like Fresh Sugar Face Polish. The crystals are gentle because they dissolve quickly. “Sugar is a natural humectant, so it hydrates, too,” says dermatologist Amy Wechsler. Skip this step if you use an acid or a retinoid daily.


♥ Smooth on an algae mask. Packed with antioxidants, “algae masks soften skin and boost circulation,” says oil-absorbing clay (try The Body Shop Seawood Ionic Clay Mask) others, like Origins Drink Up Mask, add emollients to moisturize dry skin.


♥ Extract blackheads. Don’t even think about using your fingers to dislodge a blackhead. Instead, hold two cotton swabs on either side of it in a V, then gently press down. If the plug doesn’t loosen, don’t force it. And don’t go near red, swollen zits; instead, cover them with layer of 2.5 percent benzoyl peroxide cream followed by 1 percent hydrocortisone once a day for three days.


♥ Apply your nighttime treatment products and a rich moisturizer. Dermatologist Francesca Fusco suggests warming a dollop of your moisturizer in a microwave for a couple of seconds, applying it in a thick layer, and letting it sit for about five minutes to allow the ingredients to really penetrate. Tissue off the excess, then use small circular motions to massage in the remaining moisturizer.


My Random Life!

♥ Just a view meaningful random pictures I snapped in my phone! Enjoy!!!
♥ New haircut!! 😉
♥ Excellent book! I read it once for 40 days two years ago and now I’m starting it again. It’s just that good.
♥ On a mission to conclude everything on my to-do list! 😉
♥ Colors and accessories that make me smile. Purple by Pure ICE-“No means no” Silver glittery polish by Sally Hansen- “Celeb City”

Testing Cosmetics

On last week, I noticed I was running short on a few household items. Therefore, I made a visit to the nearest Family Dollar just pick up a few items, only. But, while shopping, I walked down the cosmetic aisle and noticed the prices on a lot of cool cosmetic brands.  I thought to myself, Wow!!!  These items are very inexpensive compared to the usual brands I wear. Okay, I know I am shopping at Family Dollar, but to see Nutra Nail speed dry polish for only a dollar; I was excited, so I put it in my shopping cart. Next, I saw the foundation and powder, some things that I hardly switch because I’m always afraid it may break me out. But, (after a quick prayer) I decided to give them a try. I purchased the clear lip gloss for my teacher because she always compliments me on my red lips and I tell her, clear lip gloss is the reason it looks so glam & shiny. (I never tried this gloss but my opinion is, any clear gloss on top a red lip would do the trick). After getting excited about the products and saying a quick prayer over the foundation. I decided to make a purchase and said to myself, “If it works out, maybe I can switch AND save money!”
Wore the products for a week and this is what I concluded:
LA Colors Pressed Powder: I loved this powder!!! It blends perfectly with my skin tone and works out well with my oily skin. I’ll wear the pressed powder on the days I choose to dress really simple and want a little coverage.
LA Colors Glossy Lips: My teacher hasn’t given me an update on the gloss but follow me on twitter. I’ll tweet her opinion.
Nutra Nail: OMG! I never knew I was going to meet my next BFF in a nail bottle! This polish is absolutely awesome!! Honestly, there’s no need to use my nail dryer. I put on two coats and I’m ready to roll! *A must buy for all my manicure dolls who want a quick mani then go on with life*
LA Liquid Makeup: I found this liquid foundation to dry really quickly on my disposal -able sponge. Which made it very difficult to apply; it seemed as if I was scrubbing my face really hard to the point where I was tearing the sponge. The color matched my skin tone perfectly, but I wouldn’t recommend the foundation. I’ll stick to what I know!
♥ Overall, I’m glad I tried the products and now I have a few new brands I can add to my makeup collection. Oh! And the pressed powder and foundation didn’t break me out!! 😉 *Thank GOD*


Reader’s Email: Hair & Thrift Store.

Hey doll I was just checking your blog out & I see you’re from New Orleans, so am I. I was wondering who does your hair & which thrift store you shop at.

Hi Danielle,

    My cousin Dana does my hair. She owns a shop called Hair Therapy Beauty Salon on 1138 Franklin Street Gretna, LA 70053 & her number is (504) 905-1246. She’s really sweet and professional, give her a call!
 The thrift store I usually shop and always find good things are Red, White & Blue on the westbank & eastbank.
I attached the links to the locations, just in case you weren’t familiar. Please don’t hesitate to email me again if you have any other questions.
Here are a few of my favorite hairstyles she has done for me over the years.
♥ My real hair. This picture was taken at the beginning of this year. Before going to her, I NEVER had long hair!
♥ Short sew-in with layers.
♥ Long sew-in with highlights.
♥ Long jet black sew-in.
♥ Curly sew-in.
♥ Peace&Blessings,

Reader’s Email: My Lipstick & Hair Colors!

Hey Paris!!

Your gonna be my new go to when I need fashion tips lol. I sooo love ur hair! What color is it and what kind if u don’t mind me asking? I also luv your red & pink lipstick . What are their brands? I’ve been looking for the perfect red and I want that one lol

Hey Reneise!!

Thank you!! I don’t mind being your new go to when you need fashion tips, that’s what I here for! ;-)The color hair I’m wearing now is a 1b mixed with a #30 & the brand is Milky Way. Thanks for loving my lipsticks! I live for a red or pink lip, honey!! The Red is by Sugar Lips called ” Lick My Strawberry and the Pink is by MAC called “Pink Poodle.” Thanks so much for your question and please don’t hesitate to e-mail me again with more fashion tip questions!!


The Coolest/Smoothest Road Trip EVEERR!!!

    When a young entrepreneur contacts you to meet up, run towards the meeting…WITH heels on!! 😉 I was ecstatic when I received an email from Lani Lazzari about an amazing road trip she’s on. Over the course of 5 and a half weeks, she’ll be driving 8,300 miles, through 26 cities, from Pittsburgh to LA and back.  Why?! You ask!! Because, ever since Lani started Simple Sugars, people have told her that she has a great story.

She told me that she believes that every girl and woman should know that economic independence is her option if we’re willing to work hard and follow what we’re passionate about. She’s on the road to try and spread her story to as many young women as she can, and hopefully, inspire them to pursue their dreams. Lani’s goal is to appear on The Ellen Degeneres Show when she reaches LA, to spread this message even further. She’s been tweeting, posting pictures on facebook, and making countless videos so you can follow the entire trip as it happens. It was truly a blessing meeting with Lani. She’s been such an inspiration to me. I also received simple sugars facial, body and foot scrub which I am in love with! I’m running out so I’ll have to place my order for more soon. Make sure you place your order as well; it leaves your skin feeling silky smooth!!!

♥’ Lani & I!
♥ Oh, you can also taste the flavors. 😉
♥ You can never over pack for a road trip. My gift to her, a top and two rings from my online boutique, Classy Closet.
♥ Inside the bag is my SimpleSugars Facial, Body, & Foot Scrubs.
♥ Purchase yours on today!!!

Personal Beauty Tips & Secrets!!

Email from a reader in New Iberia, La.

Sorry for bothering you so much! I don’t want to seem like I’m harassing you! But I really would like to know your personal beauty tips and secrets! What’s your skincare routine? What products you use? What makeup? Your skin is so clear? Do you get botox? What type of hair extensions? Who Is your photographer? You’re always on point! You really need your own reality show seriously! I’m kinda obsessed with staying fit and looking young! Oh, I’m sending you this pictures so you can picture a face with the emails. Do I look like you in a vision before I sent you the pix? Well, it’s me and my husband enjoying the day at Laos New Year! Celebrating a day of his culture! Really fun and cool! Thanks once again!

♥ Hey doll! Thanks so much for your email. Please don’t think you’re bothering me because you’re not. I love to receive emails from my readers. Also, thanks for the picture. You are very beautiful and you and your husband look really good together!! ;o)
Ok! on to the fun stuff. My personal beauty tips and secrets!! My skin care routine is washing my face thoroughly every night and morning, I drink a lot of water, and cranberry juice. The product I use is St. Ives Apricot Naturally Clear Scrub. This particular brand is usually good for blemishes and blackheads in which I had before using it. Another skin secret I have is, I have oily skin “T” zone (across the forehead and nose) so I always carry Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets, they’re awesome and doesn’t wipe off your foundation. The foundation I use is Dream Liquid Mousse Airbrush Finish by Maybelline. It’s really good and it doesn’t break me out, unlike other foundations I’ve tried in the past. No, I don’t get any botox. The hair extensions I use varies from Remy to Virgin Indian hair. But it’s always 100% human hair. The curly hair I’m wearing now I purchased from this website My photographer as far as the pictures on my blog is usually someone in my family who’s in the mood for taking pics, usually my dad. Hope this helps. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to email me again. Thank you so much for all your sweet comments and I can’t wait to hear from you again!!!
♥ Please email me at for any style or beauty tips!


My Fav Summer Fragrance.

Victoria’s Secret drenched in PINK charming & fun has been my fav fragrance this summer. It’s really light and stays on for a while. One of my dolls, Ciara brought it along with her on our ATL vacay and I couldn’t keep my hands off it. I would spray every second and use the lotion every time my hands felt dry (my excuse to use more). While on our trip we took a visit to the mall (of course) and I couldn’t find the fragrance and didn’t want to purchase the lotion without it. So I waited until I arrived back to New Orleans to check our malls & lucky me; VS was having their semi-annual sale. I purchased the set all for a total of $7.00. Yes! that’s correct!!! I was beyond excited because the lotion is regularly $12.00 and perfume $15.00. Which isn’t expensive, but who doesn’t like a bargain?! After purchasing, I sent a picture to Ciara who was excited I now have my own ;o)


Beauty Q&A: What’s my eyelash number and lipstick color?

Hey lady, how are you? Looks like all is well. Listen, I’ve been following you on your blog and I just wanna say love, love, LOVE it and congrats on the online boutique. I can’t wait until it launches as you inspire me with your fashion and I know you’ll have a lot of hot stuff on there. I also noticed that we have a lot of the same shoes and clothes as I work in Forever 21 and of course shop there also and shoe shopping is a horrible addiction of mine.
Anywho, I had a quick question, first of all, I love the red lipstick you wear and I was wondering what kind do you wear and also what kind of lashes do you wear. I haven’t forgotten about you either, I know I wrote you a long time ago about helping me style for my photoshoot and when the time comes again I definitely will think of you. Get back to me when you can.
 Hey doll!! I’m blessed, how are you? Thank you so much!! I really appreciate you following my blog and looking fwd to my online boutique. That means a lot to me! ;o) The name of the red lipstick I wear is called “Lick My Strawberry” by Sugar Lips. And I usually purchase my lashes from any beauty supply store. The # lashes I wear are #62. I started wearing them as my going out lashes and now they’re my fav & everyday lashes. #28’s are glam as well they’re more every day if you don’t want to be too dramatic with #62’s. Please let me know if you have any other questions and I’ll be sure to respond. I’m looking fwd to styling you on your photoshoot! ttyl! *Muah*
♥ If you or anyone you may know would like me to answer a fashion or beauty question please don’t hesitate to email me: also, follow me on twitter where I give fashion and beauty tips! ;o)