Blogging Journey


  I launched my very first blog post on February 6, 2010. Back then, I was living in Minnesota for Graduate School and after 2 months, I noticed it wasn’t the place for me.

  So, I spent majority of my free time reading all kinds of blogs; entertainment, travel and of course, fashion. I told myself “Wait! These girls are just dressing up and taking pictures of themselves? I dress nice, I can do that too”. And then it was on!!!! I started researching how to start a blog, what should I name my blog? What’s a domain and where can I purchase one? I was so intrigued with all the information to the point where I would stay up for 24 hours straight (no joking) on my computer reading and researching. I finally found something that was feeding my brain more than what I was studying in Graduate School. At the time I told myself if I really wanted to do this, I needed to move somewhere more exciting (I just needed to get away from Mankato) so I decided I was going to move to California. I thought about New York but I was so over the snow and needed sunny skies and beaches in my life. Well, at that time, the move to California didn’t happen and I was thinking about letting the blog go. A month after launching my first post; I moved back home to New Orleans and continued posting. My blog became popular very quickly because I joined different blogger groups on Facebook and I made business cards with my picture, blog site & contact info. Everywhere I went, someone would compliment me on something and I would give that person a business card and asked him or her to check out my fashion blog. A lot of people didn’t know what a fashion blog was and I simply said, “It’s like an online journal where I document my personal style” they were fascinated!! I noticed it was getting real when I met a local blogger by the name of Christy while shopping in Buffalo Exchange. I asked her for a fitting room and she asked me for my name and then she said, “Oh! I know you, I read your blog” my friend Essence and I looked at each other like OMGGG someone noticed you from your blog?!!! Christy eventually put together a Southern Fashion bloggers meet up and all the local bloggers came together to network, sip tea and eat pastries all while talking about the very first Fashion week in New Orleans which was right around the corner.This was a very exciting time in my life. I was finally discovering my purpose and passion. Before I knew it, I was sitting front row at Fashion Week and networking hard!

  Keeping up with a blog can be tough, but I’ve learned it’s all about planning, time management and consistency. There’s always new material to learn and if you don’t remain consistent, your readers will eventually contact you to see if you’re still alive, LOL and ask, “So, when’s your next post” S/O to mines for keeping me on my toes. 😉

While blogging, I’ve learned that you have to find what works for you when starting a blog, it’s very easy to get wrapped up in what others are doing because it seems as if they’re so successful and that’s something we all want. However, I decided I didn’t want to keep myself in the box as just a “Fashion Blogger” because there’s so much more to me than just Fashion. Therefore, I’ve decided to use this platform to be of service to others. I now focus on helping millennial women upgrade their style, boost their confidence and connect with their faith through actionable tips and advice.

Throughout this blogging journey, I’ve also learned to have  blog goals in mind and dream beyond my wildest dreams because I know ALL things are possible for those who believe. Here was a few of my goals: I wanted to move to California when I first started blogging years ago but I finally I turned that dream into reality in January 2015. I wanted to open an online women’s boutique and now Classy Closet has been in business since June 2011. Check out the new inventory here. I also wanted to write for a magazine, I accomplished that goal as well (read about it here) and lastly, while my blog was growing I eventually went back to Graduate School and finished with a Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism. My goal was to use my degree and fashion business together and in 2014, I was blessed with my own Fashion Radio talk show on WBOK1230 AM station in New Orleans called Style & Beauty Talk with Paris. I also wanted to be on television doing Fashion Segments and that has happened as well. You can check out my segment  on WGNO ABC 26 ” What to wear to Essence Festival.” While out at Essence Festival, I was stopped by a photographer who asked to take my picture for Hello Beautiful website for the best in street style at Essence. You can see my photo here.

I’ve come a long way but still have a ways to go. New goals are in order and I have my pink sharpie right here checking them off as the days go by!

♥Stay Focused! Stay Committed! You can live your dream!!!!!


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