Making A Decision

A few weeks ago, I woke up on a Saturday morning just wanting to do something other than sitting in the coffee shop on the computer catching up on work. I laid in bed thinking what would a perfect Saturday look like for me. As I pondered on it, I thought about the beach but needed to call on someone who would want to join me in my spontaneity and immediately,  two of my good girlfriends popped up in my head. One couldn’t make it but the other was free. So off to the beach we went!! Now, this is a Saturday during the summertime where everyone and their momma seems to have the same exact thought like me so traffic was crazy and it took us longer than usual to get there but never the less, we made it. When we arrived, I had a simple thought like, “what if we would’ve decided to turn around just because it’d have taken us longer to get here.” #1 I would’ve felt as if we did all this preparing to go for nothing and #2 I would’ve been sad because still, we did all this preparing for nothing…just to turn around and go back home. (thankfully, that didn’t happen) Which makes me think about life in general and how you’re always one decision away from a better life.

Often times, we hold ourselves back from doing what’s needed in order for us to get to the next level for many different reasons: such as fear and uncertainty just to name a few. It’s important for us to just decide and act upon our decisions. For some, it may be going back to school, starting a blog, saving money or working out whatever that looks like for you, we must decide that we want better and then move into that direction. However, it’s always easier said than done because it takes work and the work doesn’t always mean hard work, sometimes, it’s just consistency simply being consistent with putting in work towards your dreams. Therefore, having direction and clear goals written down, along with action steps, makes accomplishing our goals easier to achieve.

I am at a stage in my life where I am focused on some bigger goals and it seems as if I’m being distracted by all kinds of small things. Lately, I’ve been praying on my focus because the enemy has a way of using things and people to get in the way of what you’re called to do. Thankfully, I am a wise woman and I know what a distraction looks like so I’ll continue to make the decision to stay focused on my goals. No distraction formed against me shall prosper, lol!



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