Making Steps To Become An Everyday Millionaire

On today, I took advice from the book “Everyday Millionaires” and decided to increase the percentage I’m allotting to my 401k and ROTH plan. The company I work for matches up to 3.5% so I decided to invest 10% total to my retirement for a total contribution of 13.5% I figured that now is the perfect time to increase my contributions due to me not having any children at the moment, my expenses are low (I paid off my car in 2007) and I am not married. Also, along with contributing, when I first started investing into my 401k last year, I didn’t contribute to my ROTH at all but it was one of my goals for 2019 so I decided to start now because the best time to start investing into your future is yesterday.

If you haven’t already, check out the “7 Books That Has Helped Shape My Mindset.” 

“79% of Everyday Millionaires became millionaires by investing in their companies retirement plans.” -Chris Hogan

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  1. Awesome book! I agree with you, I want to increase my 401k investments now too. Wish I had 20 years ago 😊. We have followed the 7 baby steps for years now though. They work!

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