My Self-Care Checklist


I am the type of person who’s really good at checking herself, first! I can tap into my inner self and almost instantly figure out the root to my current issue. Sometimes, I’m over thinking and I’m in my own head a little too much and putting too much emphasis on something that’s not that big of a deal. When that happens, I have to check myself and my thoughts in order to be sure I’m processing things clearly before overreacting. Doing this has really helped me to maintain a positive mental state but it has helped me with being able to show up for my clients being as though my career is as Mental Health Professional.


Keeping a self-care checklist mentally stored for times when I’m in my head too much is very important to me. I think about what would make me feel better and have I done any of the things on the checklist that helps me to feel better. If I haven’t, I schedule it into my day to do so because knowing what’s the issue is half the battle, the other part is doing something about it.


Look within the mirror at yourself first. Work on you and everything on the outside will work in your favor once you start doing the inner work.

Workout- I feel amazing after a workout it makes me less fatigue and it’s something I’ve done for myself to not only look my best but to ensure that I am feeling my best as well.


Yoga- I started hot yoga a month ago and it’s been one of the best things I’ve done for myself. It helps me not only to maintain balance but to ensure that I am meeting the health benefits as well. Read here about the 7 Healthy Benefits Of Yoga.


Reading- Reading something new to me is like taking a mental vacation to a place I’ve never traveled to. I love enriching my mind with articles and books that are informative. Read here about the books that have helped shape my mindset.


Writing- I always love writing. When I was a little girl I use to keep a diary now as a woman, I keep a prayer journal and a gratitude journal. Writing helps me to release everything that’s in my head onto paper. For me, it’s sort of like cleaning out my closet. I lay everything out in two different piles, a keep pile and a get rid of pile. I compare writing to cleaning out your closet because of the organization. Write out the thoughts that are in your head, see it all laying there on paper then you keep the things that you’d like to “wear” (thoughts) that makes you feel good about yourself. I write out my thoughts and when I look at it all on paper, I can see exactly the thoughts I want to keep in my head, thoughts that are positive and I see the pile of thoughts I want to give away…sort of like the pile of clothes that no longer serve me and the woman I am becoming.


Take time away from social media- I spoke about the benefits and why I tend to go on a digital detoxing here and here. I go through a time when I really want to shake and move without updating my followers on all my moves. I love everyone who follows me and I appreciate each and every last one of you but it’s not about you all, this is strictly about me and I can’t show up for anyone if I’m not showing up for myself first. I believe one of the reasons why people follow me is for inspiration but if I feel as if I’m pouring from an empty cup and not really producing the results it looks as if I am on social media, then I’m not being true to myself and that’s one of the worst things you can do is lie to yourself.


Take time for myself- Sort of like digital detoxing, I take lots of time for myself. Because of how my life is currently, without kids and not married, I tend to really focus on my me time. I enjoy my own company… it’s lovely over here!


Met/talked with a friend- I love meeting with up with my girls just to catch up. It’s always good to pull away from work, the computer and the phone just have an intimate conversation over coffee or lunch.


Complimented someone- I love giving people genuine compliments. The last time I complimented a lady she started crying telling me that she needed to hear that and she also gave me a big hug. I invited her to sit down and talk with me about the things that were on her mind, she did and now we are like Soul Sisters. This happened on a random Wednesday while I was sitting down working in Starbucks. You never know what a person may be going through. Share a smile and a genuine compliment.


Drink at least 2 liters of water- I once wasn’t a water person at all but as I’ve gotten older, there’s no way I can’t be. There are so many health benefits to drinking water, believe me, your skin will thank you!


Do something fun- There are many facets of fun to me from traveling to doing something simple like going to Barnes and Noble’s and reading a business, tech or fashion magazine. Basically, learning is fun for me.

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