How To Dress For Church

On Saturday nights, I find myself being very careful about which clothes I pick out for church the next day. I am very aware of the shape that I have so I intentionally pick out clothing that doesn’t draw too much attention to my figure. I am all for body positivity but I feel that there’s a time and place for everything and I just don’t believe that church is a place you should flaunt it all. (that’s just my opinion) But, if I’m being honest, I can’t say that every pencil skirt or pair of slacks that I pick out conceals my shape. That’s just hard to do. I’m a size 3-4 there’s no way I’d wear a size 6 skirt just to cover my shape in church, NO! I believe that’s unnecessary. I refuse to wear clothes that will swallow my petite figure, but what I will do is wear a blazer that comes down lower enough in the back, that way everything isn’t all out there screaming for unwanted attention.

A ruffled blouse and leather pencil skirt that comes below the knee. This style is perfect for church and work.

Within the last few weeks, these are the styles I wore to church. Even when I wear dresses, it comes to a certain length right above the knee or below but not ever too high. It’s all about respect. I know we’re living in a day in age where “if you got it flaunt it” but there’s a time and place for everything and church isn’t the place.

Blazer, lace crop top (which is actually see through but I’m wearing a black camisole underneath) and high waisted black slacks, black stockings and black pumps. Great outfit for church or a business meeting.

Now there’s nothing wrong with showing your stylish side but always do it with class. Everything should be done in moderation. If all you have to wear is bodycon dresses, then wear a longer blazer to take the attention off of your shape in the dress. The blazer should stop at least at by your hips. A blazer can help you with a lot of styles you may want to wear in church. Purchase one that’s universal that you can dress up or down and accessorize it differently each time with a brooch or pearls to give it a different look each time you wear decide to wear it.

Like I did with this blazer + bodycon dress. This is a great transitional outfit that can take you from church to brunch.



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