Embracing My Natural Hair

This year, I told myself I’ll start wearing my natural hair more. The real reason I haven’t been wearing it because of the amount of maintenance that goes into taking care of your natural hair especially when I’m wearing it in a fro. Between searching for the right product and twisting it every night or every other night, it became too much for me to the point where I decided that it was just much more convenient to wear my units. It’s been almost a week and I’m enjoying wearing it blown out. My cousin who’s one of my hairstylists washed it, flat ironed it and trimmed my ends. I have a good bit of hairstylists in my family so learning how to do my own hair was something I never really had to do because they always tried new styles on me. So for now, this is me embracing my natural hair and giving it time to breathe from units and braids.

So far so good!

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