Daycation. Staycation. Baecation.

Let’s talk about getting away for a few. Now when I speak about getting away, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to go on this big elaborate vacation that requires you to be on a flight for 15 hours. Getting away can simply be a daycation. Nowadays, with everything going on in the world, it’s healthy to pull away for a few days and just go on a road trip, which brings me to speaking about a daycation.  

While on Angie’s podcast, listen to it here. I spoke about me not ever experiencing a Daycation and maybe a week later after that episode was recorded, my lover and I took our first daycation together. We went on a road trip to Florida which was about 3 hours away from New Orleans. It was such a spur of the moment trip and we had a blast. While on the way there, we stopped to pick up wine to enjoy while on the beach. By the time we arrived, we were able to catch daylight and watch the sunset. It was very romantic and just to think that getaway cost us less than $100. So the next time you’re looking for something fun and exciting to do, gas up the car and take a road trip to the nearest state. Also, be sure to create a playlist to enjoy cute sing-alongs together.

I also had my first Staycation while my lover was in town. He rented a really cute Airbnb for us to enjoy 12 days of just us. It’s the closet we’ve ever been to living together, LOL. He found the location on his own and he did a really great job. We stayed in the lower 9TH ward area across the canal if you’re familiar with New Orleans. It was really close to the Chalmette area. We stayed in a double shotgun house and the owners were on the other side. It was a one bedroom and perfect for just us two. When you first walk in, you’d walk into the kitchen/living room area, the bedroom and lastly, the bathroom. Like all Airbnb’s the home came with kitchen appliances and utensils as well as basic seasons, etc.  We went grocery shopping because we knew some nights we would want to stay in and cook dinner together and since breakfast is my thing, I knew I would want to cook breakfast.  A staycation is exactly what it sounds like, staying in your own city and booking either a hotel or an Airbnb. It’s nice for a weekend getaway or to just add a little us time to your relationship.

Now we’re all pretty familiar with a Baecation but just in case you’re not, it’s simply going on a vacation with your Bae. In 2018, I posted a picture on my vision board of a baecation and before the year ended, my lover made sure this was something we did. You can see here about all the fun we had while in Bali. This was our first baecation together but we have more coming up in the future. I am so happy to have someone in my life who enjoys life and traveling just as much as I do. I really enjoy getting away and immersing myself into different cultures. I love to see how other people are living and if it’s something I can add it to my life. Traveling is something that makes my heart smile and I see myself doing more of it in my future. I’ll be sure to document and take you all along on my travel journeys whether it’s a Daycation, Staycation or a Baecation.

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