Bali Recap: All The Fun We Had!

Bali is definitely couple’s paradise. We had an amazing time starting off each morning with breakfast at the hotel. We stayed at the Puri Sading Hotel. The room and the views were beautiful. The breakfast was great and so was the customer service. Each day we had something exciting planned so we hired a driver to give us a full tour around Bali. He came promptly every morning after breakfast to ensure we were able to get a full day worth of activities. December is usually their rainy season but it didn’t rain at all any of the days while we were there. The weather was between the mid-80s and low 90s. I researched and learned that the best time to go would be in the summer but I’d advise you to book a flight and go when you’re able to. If the tickets are looking right, don’t miss out on your chance to experience Bali.

Here are a few things to do while you’re there! I’m only recommending things we did because we had soooo much fun!!!

Every morning we went downstairs to have breakfast outside of our hotel. We ordered the Indonesian breakfast.

Biked to the beach to have lunch. We rented bikes from our hotel and biked to the nearest beach. There were an array of restaurants that served everything from hamburgers to lobsters. We noticed a cute spot so we stopped there to have lunch.

Next door to the restaurant was a massage parlor so we both enjoyed an hour-long couples massage for about Rp 600,000 banknotes this price was included with two sarungs I purchased from them. Which is actually about $41.00 USD. I don’t have pictures because we were nearly nude, lol!

Bali swing: this was one of the main things I wanted to do when I started researching Bali. I follow a few travel pages on Instagram and everyone always visits the swings so of course I was excited to finally get the chance to swing. It was such a fun experience something everyone should do when visiting Bali.

The elephant ride was an unbelievable surreal experience. We actually rode an elephant!!! OMG!! I’ve always wanted to do this.

Sea walker I am not a fan of large bodies of water but I am so happy we did this. I think this is one of the most magical things I’ve ever done.

Flying fish we personally don’t have video just pictures before flying, but this was so much fun. I found a video that shows exactly what we did. Check it out here.

Parasailing this was my lover’s first-time parasailing and he had a great time. I believe he was a little scared but he wouldn’t say. I was happy I was able to do it again with him.

Batuan Temple you can’t visit Bali without going to a temple. Before entering, we purchased the sarungs which was mandatory as a sign of respect.

If you’re looking for something chilled to do I would definitely recommend having drinks and dessert on the beach. The scenery is beautiful and most likely you’d get a chance to hear a live band.

Tegenungan Waterfall this was my first time seeing a waterfall close up and in person. I was amazed at how beautiful it was.

The best vacation and P-day I’ve ever had!!!

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