Self Care Consists Of Doing The Inner Work

I speak a lot about self-care on the outside read more about it here, but it’s so much more than that. Self-care also consists of the inner work such as forgiveness, healing, and the ability to move on.

For as long as we live, nothing will be forever. We won’t be on this earth forever, marriages/relationships at times don’t last forever, and sometimes, the friendships we thought we’d always have aren’t forever. All of this is apart of life. It’s all apart of our life journey because that’s exactly what life is, a journey that’s meant to be enjoyed through trial and error. Experience is the best teacher and making self -care inner work a priority will help you along your healing journey so let’s discuss what the inner work looks like:

Praying for the person who hurt you or you might have hurt.

Being grateful you made the decision to go after better.

Reading, healing, sending love and light when you think of that person.

Forgiving yourself as well as him or her.

Being transparent without giving full details (especially when you’re not fully healed)

Being BOLD! (Doing something for you. Something that’ll make you better such as starting a business or taking a class)

Inner Work: Forgiveness

Forgive yourself all the chances you’ve given someone to show you better.

Forgive yourself for all the times you believed a person changed for the better.

Forgive yourself for holding onto something or someone that you knew wasn’t good for you or didn’t meet your standard of living.

Don’t allow bitterness and hurt to overshadow the love you have within you.

Forgive yourself  for your actions and the role you played in the situation.

Now, walk in your healing.

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