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Focusing on the positivity is so important especially when it comes to your mental health. Nowadays with us having a sneak peek into other people’s lives on social media, we can start to get into the comparison game. Read here about perception vs reality. I’m here to tell you that doing so isn’t healthy and it can have your mind twisted up thinking as if you’re not doing anything or you don’t have much going on compared to others. Remember comparison is the thief of joy!!!

When you’re feeling down, write down a list of things to help yourself to feel better. Start with this list below.

Beach + Journaling LA

When you’re writing, dream big and don’t limit yourself. Write as if you’re writing to your future self. So, make your future self-proud and be honest with yourself about whatever it is that you REALLY want.

    Your Dreams

  • Life Goals
  • What you’ll be doing in the next few years
  • Skills you’d like to learn
  • Where you’d like to live
  • Places you’d like to travel to
  • What will you be doing in the next few years?

      Your Favorite Things

  • Books
  • TV Shows
  • Food
  • Music
  • Podcasts
  • Quotes
  • Songs


  • Favorite Memories
  • Bucket list for things you’d like to do
  • Things that make you happy
  • What you like most about yourself
  • Positive adjectives to describe yourself

Your Accomplishments

  • Things you’re grateful for
  • All things you’re good at
  • Ways to celebrate your wins
  • Biggest accomplishments

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