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During this time 9 years ago, I decided to stop wearing false nails. I remember it like it was yesterday, I was living in Minnesota for grad school and my last set of professional nails was candy apple red, short and square! I found a really good nail salon out there who could file my nails just the way I liked it, short and square with a little bit of acrylic. Everything was perfect until I started to notice that they weren’t wearing their own product and I realized, I too should be taking care of my natural nails. So that was it, all the many nail salon visits were over. I believe I started to wear false nails in the 5th or 6th grade and here I am 9 years ago in grad school giving it up cold turkey! I haven’t had any slip ups because I realized how much money and time I now save by doing my own nails. In the beginning, my nails would grow so long and just break off. They were damaged from the years of filing, drilling and wearing false nails. I eventually invested in nail harder polish and after a year of not wearing false nails, they started to grow and remain hard and strong. I now own so many nail polishes I lost count with all the different colors. I have everything at home to complete a full set with my natural nails. I don’t have to go to the salon for anything BUT, recently, I decided to invest in press on nails.

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Let me give you the backstory behind the investment. My cousin and I went to the Beyonce concert and I complimented her on her nails. She replied, thanks and said they were press ons. Now, these press ons weren’t just any old press on nails. They were a nice almond shape nude color press on nails. I fell in love with them immediately and told myself I was going to pick up a pair one day and so I did!!!

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I purchased these from Family Dollar for only $3.00 and I made sure to purchase some super glue because I wanted these to stay on! This iridescent color drew me closer to them and the almond/stiletto shape is definitely my style! I’m not certain if I’ll continue to wear press ons but they’re really fun to play with. I do miss doing my natural nails. I believe it’s some kind of therapy/relaxation for me. Read here about how doing my nails is apart of my self-care regimen. Here’s a tip for press on nails, always carry your super glue with you just in case one of them pop off.

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Girl, purchase you a pair:



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