The Pro + Con of Overshopping

After getting ready to attend a few events, I noticed something about myself. I tend to shop my closet first because nine times out of ten, there’s something new for me to wear in there. I have a closet full of clothes I haven’t worn, which is a pro and a con. The pro is, I have lots of stylish items and I don’t have to actually do any real shopping for a while. The con is, at times,  I over shop and forget what I have.

I tend to over shop when I’m preparing for a vacation or I’d shop while on vacation. In each one of the pictures below, I purchased each item while doing one or the other shopping for vacay or on vacay.

My motto as of lately: Shop in advance and when it’s time to attend an event, you don’t have to search for an outfit to wear at the last minute.

I needed something to wear to a charity brunch and of course, I shopped my closet, first. I purchased this dress in July of this year from a boutique while vacationing in DC. I finally got the chance to wear it after 4 months.


I purchased this dress in March 2017 prior to my vacay to Belize. I didn’t get the chance to wear it then but finally, I wore it in Oct 2018 to a Women’s Brunch.


I was blessed with tickets last minute to the Beyonce & Jay Z concert. So, of course, I needed something fab to wear. Shopping malls aren’t my thing anymore especially when it’s last minute shopping, so, I shopped my closet. I purchased these sequin shorts prior to vacationing to Belize in March 2017. I didn’t get the chance to wear them while there so I finally wore them in Sep. 2018.



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