7 Things You Can Do Right Now To Help With Managing Anxiety

Journaling– Getting your anxious thoughts out of your mind and onto paper can really help you with reducing your feelings. Journaling is an intimate time for you to express yourself. I always say, be honest with yourself as you’re journaling. If you’re sad, say you’re sad. If you’re frustrated, say that. You’re doing this for your future self, that way when you go back and read later you can see how you overcame the anxiety. Never hide your feelings from yourself because you feel as if someone may read your journal. It’s YOUR journal. You’re human and you’re allowed to feel and process your emotions in a healthy way.

Support– Always have a support group you can reach out to. Create a list. Don’t use social media as an outlet to vent. It’s just not healthy. Also, remember that it’s okay to seek a therapist as well.

Self-Care– Taking care of yourself is an important skill to help with managing anxiety. Self-care looks differently for everyone but it’s important for you to know what works for you. Read here about how I practice self-care and read here about why it’s important to speak with your partner about self-care.

Sleep– In this day and age where people are bragging on “team no sleep” I am here to tell you that sleeping is essential if you want to manage your anxiety. If you choose to operate without sleeping and on an excessive amount of coffee, you’re not making wise decisions and it’s just not healthy. You can’t be productive and operate at your truest potential if you’re tired and frustrated from lack of sleep. It’s just not humanly possible. YOU NEED SLEEP. A study shows that at least 6-8 hours of rest helps with managing stress and anxiety. So put the phone down, relax your body and fall into a deep sleep.

Exercise– Whenever you’re feeling anxious try to take a walk to process your thoughts. Going for a run or going to the gym are both beneficial. Physical exercise can really help you with coping with stress and anxiety and another benefit to being active is not only feeling good but looking good as well.

Breathing– Practicing breathing exercises can help you with slowing down your anxious thoughts. Think about it, our minds are similar to computers with so many different tabs open. Focusing on breathing and sitting still while processing your thoughts can really help you to think more clearly.

Listen– What you choose to listen to can determine your mood. Think about it, if you’re listening to a podcast about ways to invest, you’ll start to think more about ways you can save and invest but if you’re listening to something negative 9 times out of 10, you’ll begin to dwell on negativity. That’s just how the brain works. Always be conscious as to what you’re listening to especially when you’re feeling anxious.



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