Speaking With Your Partner About Self-Care

If you’re in a relationship, you should speak with your partner about self-care. As women, we are such nurturers to the point where we can do everything for everyone else but when it comes to us, we tend to put our priorities and goals on the back burner. At times, we believe that we have to be everything to everybody all at once and let’s just sit back for a minute and think about how that’s just not humanly possible at all without feeling burnt out, tired or drained. If you find yourself doing this, how about stopping and taking the time to process your thoughts and focus on self-care. Self Care looks different for everyone. For you, it could be taking a 30-minute bubble bath with a glass of wine and a good book or taking the time to write in your journal and process your thoughts away from everyone else. No matter what it looks like, focus on factoring it into your life. Find out here some of the things I do to practice self -care.

I am currently in my 30’s and I know life happens to all of us but when the time comes for me to have kids and get married, self-care will remain apart of my lifestyle. Now I know as a mother my lifestyle will completely change but I don’t see myself letting myself go because I’m now a wife and a mother. Of course, my self- care will look very different by that time but I will not allow things to get in the way of it. I will speak with my partner about my needs and I see us working together as a team to ensure we’re both good as individuals and then as husband and wife and as parents. I believe it’s all about proper communication as well as being with someone who wants you to be happy and someone who takes into account that self-care is important to you. I know women who are wives and mothers and they feel as if they’re losing themselves because they no long factor self-care into their lifestyle. They’re feeling as if they don’t have the time or they feel guilty for taking 30 minutes to an hour to themselves. Personally, I would like for this to stop!!! Think about it, who were you before you were married and had children? I believe your children and husband need to see a happy and loving woman who takes care of herself and fills herself up by taking the time to put into herself. That’s why speaking with your partner about the importance of self-care is so important.


Furthermore, I am currently in a long distance relationship which consists of lots of phone calls, text messages, and facetime chats but my partner respects my me time. It was something I laid out early while we were just friends. At times I can’t spend all night on facetime because I have to spend time with God, work on my businesses, write out a blog post or anything else I deem to be important. I may not reply to his text message immediately because my phone is on silent and I’m working in another room. Phone calls too early in the morning before I get my zen together doesn’t always get answered because (sorry, not sorry bae) at times I just need to meditate, cook breakfast turn on a good word and then chat with him. It’s not his fault if I was to answer and have an attitude, it’s mines because I shouldn’t put anything before my morning self-care routine. I believe as long as you speak with your partner about the significance of self-care, all should be well but if it isn’t, NEVER allow anyone to make you feel as if what you’re doing for you can wait. NO! It doesn’t work like that. That’s not fair to you. What you’re doing for you is a priority and you need to fill your own cup up FIRST before you can feel up someone else’s cup. You can’t be good to anyone if you’re not good to yourself, first! Imagine how good you’d feel when you accomplish the things you’ve set out for yourself to do for that day and then when someone asks for your help with something, doing it for them would feel even better because you’ve already taken care of your own priorities. Speak to your partner about self -care and start scheduling ME TIME on your planner. Everyone and everything else gets put on the to-do list, why not yourself?





5 thoughts on “Speaking With Your Partner About Self-Care”

  1. Thank you so much Hatch, this is beyond outstanding. I tend to get very overwhelmed to where I have forgotten my lifestyle before being a mother. I also, feel guilty when I decide to dedicate my time to myself. Hopefully, after being in tuned with your website, I’ll have me back.😘😘 Awesome read!

    1. You’re very wlcm Portia. 😘😘 Remember it’s okay to be good to you first even if it means doing something simple for yourself. Take care of you!! ❤️

  2. “At times we believe we have to be everything to everybody.”

    If this ain’t the truth!
    Thank you for this post … beautifully written 💕

  3. This is so true. I speak from the stand point of being a mom and a full time employee as well as an entrepreneur. You have to make time for yourself because if you don’t, as you so eloquently stated, you will be pouring from an empty cup and that would benefit no one, especially you. Also, I’m in a long distance relationship, bae understands me time and how important it is for me to spend time with the Father before I speak to anyone, including him. Thank you for sharing. Some of your self-care tips, i will be implementing as well. 🙂

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