How To Travel In Style + Comfort

Traveling in style nowadays consists of me wearing flats while looking stylish and being comfortable. Comfortability has been my main priority when it comes to long flights around the world. I use to travel in high heels but haven’t been doing so as of lately because going through security and sometimes running to my gate causes for me to be comfy, comfy, comfy! From Abu Dhabi to Vancouver to Florida to Dallas and to DC, I’ve been dressing down and wearing comfortable shoes.

Here’s a style travel tip: If you must wear heels, carry a pair inside of your carry on luggage and when your flight lands, go to the ladies room and change into your heels.

Check out my styles below and let me know in the comment section how do you prefer to dress while traveling? Is it Comfy Chic or Dressed to the Tee?!

Waiting on my flight in the Dallas airport.


Arrived in DC


Leaving DC with my mom!


At the airport in Florida.


Had to visit the Mosque in Abu Dhabi before I board a long flight back to the United States.


Leaving NOLA headed to Vancouver.


Leaving Vancouver headed to the airport!



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