Personal Style: Tomboy Chic

Let’s chat about personal style. Did you know that every last one of us has a personal style? Think about it, each one of us can think of at least one clothing item that makes us feel comfortable and confident. That one thing could be a pair of jeans or your favorite t-shirt because you love the feel of a comfortable cotton T-shirt that you can dress up or down. Here’s my thing! I am girly and extremely feminine so my personal style would be considered as Sexy and Classy. When I was about two years old, I started wearing my mother’s heels around the house. I played dress up in her clothes, smeared her lipstick all around my face and drenched myself in some of her finest perfumes. So naturally, as I grew up, I became attracted to all things feminine and girly and that hasn’t changed. I am still the same way but over the years, I’ve added a few more looks to my personal style.


Hence, what I’m wearing here. This style is called Tomboy Chic because of the leather jacket and distressed boyfriend jeans. I’ve always been a distressed jeans type of girl BUT I wasn’t always boyfriend jeans wearing girl. I always preferred my jeans tight and high waisted but now I’m trying out these lower and loose fitted jeans. The reason they’re called boyfriend jeans because of the baggy style, similar to the style of jeans your boyfriend would wear. I think it’s fun to switch up your look every now and then while allowing yourself to try different styles. Fashion and having a personal style should be fun and not taken too seriously, to the point where you’re over thinking it. Just remember what I always say, you can look good in anything as long as you’re wearing confidence and a smile.

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