Top 4 Investment Books For Beginners

The Simple Path To Wealth: Your Road Map To Financial Independence and a Rich, Free Life [by JL Collins]

The Simple Path To Wealth is an amazing resource for people of all ages.

The book grew out of a series of letters to her daughter concerning various things – mostly about money and investing things she was not yet quite ready to hear. What I love most about this book is, it’s easy to understand implement into your everyday life.

Since money is the single most powerful tool we have for navigating this complex world we’ve created, understanding it is critical. Here’s an important truth: Complex investments exist only to profit those who create and sell them. Not only are they more costly to the investor, but they’re also less effective. Learn about it and so much more in The Simple Path To Wealth.

Millionaire Teacher: The Nine Rules of Wealth You Should Have Learned in School [by Andrew Hallam]

Andrew Hallam became a debt-free millionaire by following a few simple rules. Listen, I’m not certain about you but I aspire to be debt free that’s why I decided to invest in this book.

A Millionaire Teacher shows you how to achieve financial independence through smart investing — without being a financial wizard. Author Andrew Hallam was a high school English teacher.

Since financial literacy is rarely taught in schools, do feel like you were shortchanged by your education system? This book is your solution, teaching you the ABCs of finance to help you build wealth.

In this book, he teaches you the financial fundamentals you need to follow in his tracks. You can spend just an hour per year on your investments, never think about the stock market’s direction — and still beat most professional investors.

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing: The Only Way to Guarantee Your Fair Share of Stock Market Returns [by John C. Bogle]

I listen to a lot of money podcast and they’re always talking about investing in index funds. I haven’t started as of yet but after diving into this book I’m sure I will.

John C. Bogle reveals the keys to getting more out of investing such as low-cost index funds and informs us that a portfolio focused on index funds is the only investment that effectively guarantees your fair share of stock market returns.

Bogle describes the simplest and most effective investment strategy for building wealth over the long term: buy and hold, at very low cost, a mutual fund that tracks a broad stock market Index such as the S&P 500. I’m excited about this book!!!

The Value of Simple: A Practical Guide to Taking the Complexity Out of Investing [by John Robertson]

This book is mainly geared to my Canadian readers but I prefer to share the knowledge with everyone. The Value of Simple is a plain-language how-to guide to investing for Canadians by John Robertson. Canada has the highest investment fees in the world, as well as a confusing tax system that features four-letter words like RRSP and TFSA. Fortunately, there are low-cost index funds that make it easy and rewarding for you to become a do-it-yourself “couch potato” investor.

Control what can be controlled; minimize fees and effort. Investing doesn’t have to be complex to be successful. Keep it simple and you will succeed. With a focus on developing good processes to minimize the room for human error and step-by-step instructions, the book will walk you through the elements of managing your finances for the long term.

Therefore PMH Canadian readers, you have no excuse as to why you’re not investing. There’s an entire how-to guide dedicated to helping you to invest.

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