Perception vs Reality

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    We and I say WE because I’m guilty of this too. We get so caught up with taking advice from the “experts” on social media to the point where we are no longer taking our own advice. We ignore what God has told us to do because we don’t think it’s good enough and we already possess the qualities needed to be successful. We must take a break from social media and sit still while listening to God and focusing on the highest version of ourselves. We have to start writing down our visions (Habakkuk 2:1) and get to a place where we use social media as a resource and not the main focal point of our lives.

Besides, everything looks so glamorized on social media and that’s one of the main distractions from reality. Just about everyone looks as if they’ve “made it.” Every relationship looks to be “goals.” No one has failed at anything in life and everyone’s “getting money.” I am here to remind you that that’s not the entire truth. Instagram and other social media sites are apps filled with filtered photos as well as thought out videos and if you’re not careful, you can get caught up in the comparison game.

However, don’t let that be the reason why you don’t start your business in an “oversaturated market.” Don’t allow that to be the reason why you don’t talk about your struggles. People who follow you need to feel inspired by the things you’ve had to overcome to get to where you are today. I feel that we get so caught up on the destination that we don’t enjoy the journey because we’re so busy comparing our chapter 2 to someone’s chapter 22. So starting today, let’s start our mornings off with gratitude and meditation, praying throughout our day and taking baby steps towards OUR dreams. It all starts with you!

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