Paris Takes The DMV: With My Mom

Earlier this year I booked a trip for me and my parents to visit the African American Museum in D.C. for my dad’s birthday. But, after he passed away, I canceled the flights. On their anniversary June 19th, I decided to rebook the tickets and make it a girl’s trip! We had a blast!!! I didn’t know my mom was that much fun. God knew what he was doing when he made her my mom because we would stay in trouble if she was one of my girlfriends. Here’s to more trips around the world! We’re keeping his memory alive by enjoying life and thanking God for an amazing husband and father.


Let the girl’s trip begin!!


We went to the Temptations play and had an amazing time.


On a train headed to the African American Museum.


We shopped and ate at the National Harbor



I heard so many great things about this restaurant so we decided to eat at Milk and Honey. It was well worth the hype.

Check out the videos below.

  1. Headed to the African American Museum
  2. At a lounge sipping wine and having a good time while listening to gogo music.
  3. Finally, we made it back to our hotel. It’s been a long night of dancing.



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