10 Travel Apps You Must Download

Google Translate

This is a great app to download to communicate with locals. If you’re traveling without internet on your phone, you can still use the app. You can translate 103 languages by typing and 59 languages when you don’t have an internet connection.

IMG_3737Currency Converter

Have you ever been in another country and you weren’t sure how to convert your money? With Currency Converter, you can monitor up to 10 currencies of your choice. The converter offers live exchange rates, and historical charts for over 180 different currencies and another great thing, you can still utilize this app when the internet is down.


What’s App

WhatsApp is great for staying in touch with family and friends back home while you’re traveling the world. But it is also great to communicate with locals in a foreign country.  It’s free and works all over the world. All you need is an internet connection.



Have you ever wondered what you can carry on the plane and what you can’t? Have you ever asked yourself what ounce perfume is permitted? The secretly useful MyTSA can answer those questions and more.


Around Me


This app helps you to do just what the names says, find services and establishments near your location. Categories listed include banks/ATM, bars, restaurants, supermarkets, gas stations, hospitals, hotels, movie theaters, taxis, etc. Within each category, it lists phone numbers, websites, and reviews. That’s very convenient especially when you’re in a foreign country.


Sky Scanner

Find travel deals with this app. You can find cheap last minute flights, hotels, and cars. I love Sky Scanner because unlike many other flight search engines, Skyscanner allows you to select “Everywhere” in the “To” box and you’re able to expand your potential destination locations.


Pack Point

Create a Customized Packing List so you don’t forget anything. Pack Point is a free app that creates a customized packing list for your trip based on the city you’re going to travel to, the departure date, the number of nights you’ll be staying, the weather and any activities planned during your trip.


Trip It

This is a great app to use to keep your travel itinerary organized and in one place. Trip It takes all your travel confirmation emails such as hotel, airline, car rental, and restaurants and it creates a detailed daily itinerary.  The app also gives directions and maps for each destination. You can also access Trip It when you’re offline. So convenient!



Have you ever been in an airport and wondered where the nearest chic-fil-a was located? Where you’re in luck because GateGuru helps you find what amenities an airport offers. GateGuru does not cover every airport in the world but includes over 204 airports across the United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Australia.




There are over 20,000 destinations, plus detailed adventures from bikers, hikers, climbers, skiers and more, in this app. You can filter activities by sport or location, and share potential trips directly to your squad via email or text.



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