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Belize was a much, much-needed girls trip. I realized how much I need that trip the night before as I was packing. We went in May 2017 to celebrate my friend’s B-day. During that time, my aunt was in the hospital on life support and I was doing my best to balance work and personal life. I spoke with my dad during my layover when I made it to Miami’s airport and he gave me some great advice that I’d never forget. Afterward, I hopped on the flight but before I did, I Facetime my cousin to check on my aunt. She was responsive and was able to recognize me. I immediately started crying my eyes out and at that moment, I started questioning why I was sad and the power I was giving up over my life by being sad. I thought about how much time I was wasting on something negative and started to think positive. I started to be grateful at that moment for the little things and how life isn’t promised to us. There’s no guarantee that I’ll see this day ever again. I started to put a smile on my face as I thought about my life. I thought about how blessed I am to be able to have the money and time to go on a girl’s trip. Sometimes, we take things for granted and I had to realize that I am blessed to have all the small and big things covered. I had to tell myself that in all actuality, I didn’t have stress or a worry in the world except the things that I emphasis on I allowed to get to me. As soon as the plane took off, so did my sadness. I let it go on the runway and embraced the next 5 days feeling very blessed and excited about life. See what I meant when I said, Belize was much, much-needed trip!

Although my dad (2018) and aunt (2017) are no longer on earth, they both taught me two great lessons that day. No matter what you’re going through, there’s always a reason to smile.


Belize was so much fun. The first few days we stayed in San Pedro near the ocean in a villa and then after 3 days there, we booked rooms in the city to experience more of the culture. We went cave tubing, club hopping, went to an art museum, climbed the Mayan Ruins and of course, we shopped.

Enjoy our pics!













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Belize was lots of fun! The best part about the trip was climbing the Mayan Ruins and of course being able to relax near the ocean. I have plans to visit again, really soon!

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