Natural Hair Journey

I’ve been wearing my natural hair a good bit this year. The longest I’ve worn it consecutively is maybe two weeks. Now, I know that doesn’t seem like a long time but this is coming from a woman who neveerrrr wore her natural hair. To the point where when I did, someone told me that he didn’t think I had hair *sideeyes



I come from a family of women who are hairstylists. Weaves, wigs, braids you name it, I had it so all throughout high school and college, that’s what I wore. Earlier this year, I went on a business trip and I asked one of my business sisters to redo my braids that were under my unit. She took my braids out and was shocked at the amount of hair that I have. Then everyone in the house started asking me was it a wig, why I don’t wear my hair and telling me how beautiful my natural hair looked on me. From then on, I decided that I was going to give it a try. I did and let’s just say, I am still learning what works for me as far as products. Natural hair is so expensive (to me) I find myself purchasing new products like every other day and I think I found something that works so far (I’ll keep you posted)

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Thankfully, one of my friend’s whose also natural, takes the time to wash my hair and teaches me different ways on how I can style my hair. So far, a twist out is my favorite. That’s the style I’m wearing here and I did it myself. I will not give up on wearing my natural hair what I will do is, take care of it while continuing to wear protective styles.

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