Paris Takes Greece

The next stop on the Paris Hatcher World Tour was Athens, Greece. We made it here after sailing for two days.  We previously booked an excursion with the cruise line to see the amazing sights of Athens. Our first stop was to the Temple of Zeus. We paid three euros to enter the museum and take pictures. 

Greece was extremely cold and waiting for the hop on and hop off bus to come around every 20 minutes was a lot while standing in the cold so we decided to cut the tour short and grab lunch which was included in the tour.

Us waiting for the hop on hop off bus. We’re so cold but still trying to give a little pose, LOL

For lunch, I had lamb with veggies wrapped in pita bread & a sweet tea. Afterward, we went into the flea market to purchase souvenirs. Walking around Greece was exciting just to be there was a blessing! After leaving the flea market, I was excited to hop on the bus and head back to the cruise ship, by this time it started raining so I was just over it, a little!

One of the best things about the hop on hop off bus was, it had Wifi!!! So I was finally able to check my emails and social media.

Next time I visit Greece, I’ll do more research in advance on more must-see monuments.


After touring Greece we enjoyed our first formal dinner night on the cruise ship.

When two became three! Shay and I met Be on the cruise ship he was with another group associated with our group and immediately became our right hand! Majority of the amazing pictures and videos he captured for us. So grateful for him!

Greece! I’ll definitely be back!!

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