Paris Takes Italy

Thanksgiving morning was the beginning of Paris Hatcher World Tour. I flew to New York from New Orleans and then had a layover in Moscow, Russia. Afterward, we flew to Venice, Italy and took a water taxi to our hotel. The water taxi was so much fun as we rode past the beautiful homes in Venice, Italy.

Once we checked into our hotel, we took a walk to Piazza San Marco Venezia to enjoy medium size personal pizza’s and wine because of course, you can’t visit Italy without having wine and pizza!

The weather was cold but not unbearable along with a little drizzle. As we walked back to the hotel I stared in amazement at the beautiful city of Venice.

I wore a hot pink jacket that was just right for the weather and paired it with a black one-piece jumpsuit, a denim top and added a leopard scarf for a pop of print along with white converse for traveling and then changed into leopard booties for dinner.


The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel which consisted of just about everything breakfast wise you could imagine. After breakfast, we went outside to capture a few more photos before getting back on the water taxi and sailing to our cruise ship.

Italy was beautiful, I definitely see myself visiting again and staying longer.

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