Beyonce Concert Outfit Breakdown

On Saturday night for the first time ever, I attended Beyonce’s concert along with my girl Portia.

I wanted to go with more of an edgy sexy look instead of my normal sexy and classy style.

This is the break down of what I wore:

Denim Hat- I love denim and I just had to have this denim snapback hat from H&M. On the front of the hat stitched in blue reads ‘Odd Behavior.’ Adding the snapback was a last minute decision but I’m glad I did. It adds a fun masculine look to my edgy style and went perfectly with the shorts and boots.

Distressed Shirt- My love for anything distressed runs deep. I’ve always wanted to wear a distressed T-shirt and found someone local to design it in a matter of a few hours before the concert. I was going to go to Wal-mart and pick up a shirt I could get distressed but instead, I decided to shop my closet and came across this T-shirt. I immediately brought it over to the designer house and within a matter of minutes, my outfit was finally complete.

High-Waisted Denim Shorts- I very, very seldom wear shorts. OH! But when I do, this is the outcome. Purchased from H&M as well, size 6. What I love most about this pair is the spandex material. It has the same spandex stretch as my favorite H&M pants.  I love a good pair of denim that’s affordable & hugs you in all the right places.

Boots- The highlight of the night, purchased from I styled my entire look around these boots. I knew I wanted to go for an edgy look and felt these over the knee tie up denim boots would give me that exact look I was going for.  These boots run true to size. Part of me wish I would’ve purchased a half size up but overall, I am happy with them especially since they fit my thighs. Over the years I’ve had problems with finding a nice thigh high boot because none of the pairs I tried on gave me the fit I was going for. These exceeded my expectations and just to think I was contemplating on sending them back.

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