Casual Style On Hollywood Blvd.


When you think of casual style, what’s the first item that comes to mind?

 For me, I must figure out which bottom I’d like to wear first. Next, I would focus on the style of shoe and lastly, the top.  This is usually how I get dressed.

Before moving to L.A., I didn’t realize how laid back and casual the style is here. I believe because of the award shows and television shows that are taped here, people automatically assume it’s full out glamour all the time and it’s not that at all.

A lot of individuals has this misconception about L.A. but you really don’t know much about it until you move here. There are a lot of stylish people here but the majority of the time you’ll see people dressed very casually, wearing a t-shirt & jeans with flats and you can’t forget a pair of sunglasses. The vibe is very mellow, free spirited and laid back, which fits perfectly with the clothing style.

Style Tip: Wearing heels doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dressed up and flats don’t mean you’re dressed down.

Everyone has his or her own version of what casual style looks like, and since style is subjective, no one is ever wrong.

This is my casual style simply walking across the street on Hollywood Blvd. I’m wearing a leather crop top from H&M & a pair of high-waisted pants from Forever 21. I completed my look with nude pumps from Lola Shoetique and of course sunglasses because hey, I do live in L.A. and it completes my casual style.

What’s your casual style? Remember the Style Tip: Wearing heels doesn’t necessarily mean you’re dressed up and flats don’t mean you’re dressed down.

Always include your personal style in everything you wear. Only wear items that make you feel and look beautiful.

Photos by K. Scates.

Hair Stylez by Key

Style Snapshot: Leather Crop Top & Rings-H&M. Pants & LOVE Ring-F-21. Watch-Michael Kors, Dillards. Pumps-Lola Shoetique. Sunnies & Hanger Necklace (coming soon)-Classy Closet.

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