How To Style a Little Black Dress

There’s a wardrobe staple that every woman must own, and that’s a Little Black Dress also known as (LBD). An LBD looks great on all body types and it’s very easy to accessorize. When shopping for a Little Black Dress you don’t have to spend a whole lot of money to look like a million bucks.

I purchased this one from Forever 21 for only $14.90 and it’s one of the best LBD’s I’ve ever owned. It’s a spandex material that fits my curves perfectly and the length is just right for my height.

LBD’S are so timeless it’s something you can wear within the next ten years and still look stylish. Along with it being a timeless piece, it’s also a style that would fit just about any occasion such as a job interview, funeral, wedding or date night.

One of the best things about an LBD is, you’re able to dress it up like I did here with pearls and an eye-catching shoe or you can dress it down with a pair of flats and a denim jacket. The styling options are unlimited. Just have fun and be sure to incorporate your personal style into your Little Black Dress.

Ladies, be sure to add a Little Black Dress to your wardrobe!

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