How To Elevate Your Look With The Right Shoe


Last year, I went to an event and won a free pair of shoes from ShoeDazzle. I was so excited because I shop with ShoeDazzle all the time and to be chosen as the winner of a FREE pair of shoes made my heart smile!

I received a credit towards any pair of my choice and after browsing the site for a few days, I finally decided on the Betty by Madison Pumps. I love when a pair of shoes have that sexy wow factor and the oversized bow was it for me.

What woman wouldn’t love to receive free shoes especially from a brand she’s totally obsessed with? I mean you can’t beat having a mean pair of shoes in your closet for only $39.95. That’s like unheard of but that’s why I love Shoedazzle and Just Fab!!! I can look stylish without breaking the bank and for me, that’s important because I always believed that you don’t have to spend your entire savings just to look fabulous. It’s all about having confidence and investing in the right key pieces that can be worn at least three or more different ways. I’ll show you how to get the most out of a fabulous pair of $39.95 shoes.

Here’s how I styled the Betty by Madison pumps:

I kept my ensemble really simple with a black crop top from Forever 21 and a black midi pencil skirt from H&M. I also kept my look very on brand and classy by adding a three-layer pearl necklace and a few pearl bracelets. Very Sexy and Classy.

I completed my look with a red lip, pearl earrings, and simple gold midi rings.  I added lavender nail polish to my manicure because I always believe in a pop of color that’s not your traditional matchy-matchy look.

Tip: When styling a look, wear at least one statement item. In this case, my statement item is the Betty by Madison pumps.

The right shoe can definitely elevate your look. I always receive so many compliments every time I decide to pull these out. They are the sexiest pair of shoes I own. With the oversized bow and polka-dot floral print combine, this shoe is definitely an eye-catching style.

Ladies, there’s more in stock, shop: Shoedazzle.

Style Snapshot: Black Long Sleeve Crop Top & Pearls-F-21. Midi Pencil Skirt & Midi Rings-H&M. Pumps-ShoeDazzle.



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