How To Style A Statement Necklace


Tip: Best way to style a statement necklace: Wear with solid colors so your necklace can make a statement. It’s your stand out accessory!

Styling black with pearls is definitely a classic and you can never go wrong with either.  Just research Coco Chanel!


This is a great look to wear to a holiday party because the sequin leggings scream “Heyyyyy I have arrived!!!” You can also wear this look to a creative business meeting because the cape blazer gives off a stylish business vibe. The lists of places are endless. Just make sure you own it by adding your personal style to complete the look. I wore this to church while visiting family in New Orleans but will definitely remix the blazer with a pencil skirt and add gold accessories while attending a fashion event here in Los Angeles. This is definitely a style you can wear to any type of stylish event.

I’ve always been on the fence about styling nude & black together but since I purchased these nude pumps, they’ve definitely been my go-to shoe. Therefore, I decided to give them a try with this look. After wearing this, I’m no longer on the fence about styling nude and black together but what really enhanced this style is the statement pearl and peach necklace. There’s so much power in a statement necklace. As you can see here, a statement necklace can take your look from 0 to 100! It ties everything in and gives it a complete color balance.


Speaking of color balance; my hair, lips, and handbag really flow and this wasn’t planned at all. This structured satchel handbag from H&M has been my go to because of the style and the color.  It’s so roomy with lots of compartments & it’s the perfect burgundy color that’s always stylish during the fall/winter seasons. Since I knew this bag was going to be in heavy rotation, I decided to purchase a lip color to match. I’m wearing Cabaret Blend by Milani. Now, on to my hair color, this wasn’t something planned at all. I was just over black hair and needed a vibrant color along with my signature haircut so I changed my hair color to burgundy and that’s how everything flowed into place. Sometimes when you know exactly what you want and don’t over think things, everything flows.


And to add the finishing touches, I’m wearing hot pink nails! I’m the type of woman who loves to wear random pops of color, especially on my nails. Very seldom will my nails and entire ensemble match. I enjoy stepping out of the box and not playing it safe when it comes to my personal style.


If you only had the cape blazer and sequin leggings to work with, how can you add your personal style to this look? How would you accessorize and what color balance would you try? Let me know under this picture on Instagram @ParisHatcher or Tweet me @ParisMHatcher. I’m excited to hear all your styling ideas!!

Style Snapshot: Cape Blazer-Classy Closet.  Black Camisole & Pearl Earrings-F-21.  Lipstick-Cabaret Blend by Milani.  Sequin Leggings-Bebe.  Pumps-Lola Shoetique.  Handbag-H&M.  Gold Watch-Michel Kors, Dillards.

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