How To Know Your Personal Style.

Let’s talk about Personal Style. Do you know if you have one? What if someone asked you to describe your personal style in two words, what would you say? Would you stumble trying to find the right words to describe your style or would you simply be honest and say you don’t know? Well, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the term personal style here’s my personal definition:

Personal Style: Is knowing who you are & being confident by saying it loud & not being concerned with fitting in but rather standing out & making an individual name for yourself.

It’s all about getting to know yourself. Think about some of the things you wear that you feel really good about. How would you describe that style; Classy, Chic, or Edgy?

personal style

♥ A few of my favs 😉

My personal style is Sexy & Classy (hence the name of my blog) Sexy because I like to wear things that show off my curves and Classy because I don’t like to show too much. I prefer to leave a little mystery and I like for my skirts and dresses a certain length. I developed my personal style simply by knowing what I was comfortable with wearing and wearing it confidently. My style depends on my mood and where I’m going. Currently, I’m blogging from a coffee shop wearing an open grey cardigan with a white camisole underneath, snakeskin tights and a pair of gold flip-flops. I’m wearing simple accessories such as my Eiffel tower necklace, Michael Kors watch and stud earrings. This is just a simple coffee shop look. I knew I’d be here for a while and just wanted to go for a chic and comfortable look. So yes, at times your style can change depending on how you’re feeling. Sometimes I’m Sexy & Classy in a coffee shop if I’m doing something special before or afterward or if I’m just in the mood to feel glam and sip a Frappuccino.


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