Wal-Mart Jeans



I always get lots of compliments on these jeans and I’m not sure if I blogged about them already but recently I posted this picture on my Instagram page and everyone loved them. So here’s the rundown on the distressed jeans everyone loves. I purchased them about 4 years ago at a Wal-Mart in Mankato, Minnesota (I was a resident there) from the Miley Cyrus by Max Azria line and I loved them dearly. I normally wear a size 3 but these are a 7, so clearly these jeans weren’t designed for women with curves BUT nevertheless, I had to have them. I’m only 4’10 and I’m very particular about having extra slack in my jeans so I took them to a tailor in Minnesota and she cut them way too short to wear un-cuffed but when it comes to fashion, I always find a way to wear what I love. I just simply wear them cuffed when I’m wearing heels or un-cuffed when I’m wearing boots.

On this day I was on set styling and I wanted to add a little edge to my look so I paired my jeans with a crop top from H&M, ankle strap sandals from Just Fab and accessorize with Classy Closet’s Gold link Bracelet and Pink RichGirl Handbag. I had so much fun on set styling while feeling fab in my distressed jeans.

♥ Top- H&M. Jeans-Wal-Mart, Miley Cyrus. Belt-F-21. Sandals- Just Fab. Handbag & Bracelet-Classy Closet. Watch-Dillards, Michael Kors.

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