Bridge House/Grace House Fashion Show …Why You Should Never Give Up.

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Do you all remember the Bridge House/Grace House Fashion Show I was apart of in February? Well, if you missed it, you can check out the entire post here.

While strolling on Twitter my friend, Chet Pourciau congratulated me on my outfit feature in Bridge House/Grace House monthly magazine. I was ecstatic because out of 38 designers and design teams that participated, the awesome staff at Bridge House/Grace House decided to use my design for their monthly magazine.

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Another reason I was excited was that a few hours before the show started one of my models canceled. Okay, no big deal I’ll try contacting someone else and then literally moments before the show started while I was checking into the show the second model canceled so imagine how sad I was feeling because I put so much into this one night. I felt my eyes getting watery because I didn’t know where I could find another model who could fit the clothes. I took a deep breath and checked myself into the show anyway (my plan was to just model my designs myself) but the sweet lady who checked me in asked was I okay (she must’ve seen the disappointment on my face) I told her, “No, but I will be.” she asked what was the problem, I told her and she suggested a young lady wearing red shoes would be perfect for me. She pointed her out and I immediately ran up to her asking “Can you please model these designs for me? My other two models canceled.” She immediately said “Sure” she was only there to support her mom who was a designer as well. So she tried on the clothes and they were a perfect fit! BAM!!!! I’m excited again!!!

And then this happened!!! There’s power in NEVER giving up!! I’m destined for this.  I prayed for this so I’m made for this!!


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  1. I didn’t realize that was your design that my friend’s daughter was modeling! I was there supporting her and you and I spoke briefly.

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