Go Towards YOUR Happiness.

♥ I’ve learned that some things in life can be easily solved with a hair flip and a strut away!




♥ Have you ever heard the quote, “Go for whatever makes you happy?” Well, lately I’ve been doing just that. Today at dinner one of my girlfriends and I were chatting, mainly just about life, things we would like to accomplish and where we are now in life. During our conversation, I said to myself, no matter what, I’d continue going for what makes me happy. And with this post, I would like to encourage all my readers to do the same. Life is way too short to stay in situations where you aren’t happy. I hear so many stories about people who’ve stayed too long on a job that was no longer challenging or in a relationship they’ve outgrown. At one time those things were exactly what you wanted but not anymore and that’s totally normal, but don’t stay because of X Y or Z reasons. Figure out why you aren’t happy anymore, maybe you’ve lost the passion the once had when your started in your career or maybe you’ve matured and outgrown the person you couldn’t see yourself without. Whatever it is, you’re feeling this way for a reason and the healthiest thing to do at this present moment is to figure out why, PERIOD!! While writing this post, I saw on Twitter that Iyanla Vanzant (love her) tweeted; “When the time comes for you to make a change or to grow, the universe will make you so uncomfortable you will eventually have no choice.  Look how the universe works because I promise you; this was going to be of course a fashion post.

For some reason or another, I couldn’t just blog about fashion tonight. I had to blog about this because it was on my heart and I know it’s for someone, somewhere or maybe it’s for me, I don’t know, yet. But, along with you, I have somethings I need to figure out as well. Whoever it may be, just be encouraged, stay strong, stay focused, but most of all, stay prayed up!!! Go towards YOUR happiness.







Style Snapshot: White Blouse-Dillards. Peplum Skirt-myclassycloset.com (sold out but I’m thinking about bringing it back). Pumps-Prabal Gurung by Target. Sunnies-Ann Taylor Loft. Watch-Michael Kors, Dillards. Clutch-Ross. Rings-F-21 & Gojane.com. Charmed Bracelet-Kissed Couture. Earrings-BaggageBoutique


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