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♥ Thank you so much to Ashley Dunn for this fabulous t-shirt. I love the material and the fit is incredible. I styled my Fashion. Lifestyle & Beauty t-shirt with a striped pencil skirt and added a hot pink blazer for a pop of color.

If you would like to purchase this fabulous t-shirt simply e-mail and she’ll be happy to help you.
♥ Check out a few pictures below of me showing my silly side and enjoying life! 😉
♥ An important thing to remember about life is that in all you do make sure that you enjoy it because with every minute that passes, lies time spent that you will not get back. Many of us get caught up in the shuffle of life and our daily routines that we tend to forget to have fun and live a little. Doing things out of your ordinary schedule can be an exciting way to spice up your life, and also create memories by meeting people you probably would have never met, and seeing things you may have never seen otherwise.

♥ T-shirt-Ashley Dunn. Blazer & Pencil Skirt-Charlotte Russe. Belt & Rings-F-21. Bracelets-A’gagi. Shoes- Handbag & Necklace-Kissed Couture. Watch & Earrings-Michael Kors, Dillards.

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