How I Had To Get Out My Own Head And Graduate!!

Master’s of Arts in Mass Communication with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism.
  Graduation, whew! So glad it’s over.  Now don’t get me wrong. I loved the feeling of accomplishment but leading up to this day was so draining. I literally cried each and every day for about a week and a half, Every…Single…Day.  The university where I graduated from is an hour away from where I live and because of me only taking independent classes and not being on campus, I sort of put school on the back burner for about a month and focused on my businesses. I already knew what assignments I needed to complete to graduate and felt I had everything in order. So as May 17thcame closer I started only focusing on those assignments. I finished them. By the way, the assignments were to complete two 26-minute documentaries, which may sound easy, but to a person who’s running a business, always has a busy schedule and trying to start on new projects, it wasn’t easy AT ALL. So after I finished my work I turned it in at the end of April thinking I was giving myself enough time to go back and focus on my other goals but that wasn’t how the story ended.
  Both of my professors said my work was wrong and it needed to be redone by the end of the week because that’s when grades were due!!!  I thought to myself WAIT!! WHAT!! WRONG?! HOW??! All my hard work is wrong?! How could this be?! I thought I followed the instructions carefully but after meeting with my professors, it was small things that I needed to redo and because of it, the documentaries were wrong.
   I questioned myself was this really the right time, should I go to summer school and graduate in the summer, could I really finish all this work within a week, or should I just say forget it and don’t worry about it?
  After praying and having faith that God didn’t bring me this far to leave me, cutting a few things out and giving complete focus to my assignments; I was thrilled when I heard I was eligible to participate in graduation.
  I’ve never been the type of person to put school on the back burner but just like I thought I had it all taken care of, I didn’t. I always knew (faith) I was going to graduate but when you’re going through so much and it seems like everything is coming your way, you have to stop and listen to exactly what it is God wants you to do. You have to get out your own head. As the good book states, “Much is given, much is required.”
Here’s a video of my special day. Watch me strut!! 😉 click here
♥ Half of the class of 2013.
♥ Pure Happiness!
♥ My two loves Trinity and Kashona. Mother and daughter. There’s nothing like family!!!
♥ At this moment I’m thinking WOW!!! I really did it, AGAIN!
♥ My support system!!! 😉
♥ My little cousin Trinity colored a picture for me. I love gifts from the heart 😉
♥ So happy. I’m about to walk across!!
♥ The tears and heartache were all worth it in order for me to enjoy this feeling I’m experiencing during this time.
♥ Smile…you just may encourage someone to do the same 😉 #GodIsGOOD
Keep pushing towards your dreams. If I could do it you can too!!! Speak it and walk as if it’s already done. Never give up!!!!

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