Classic Graduation Dress

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram @SexyMeetsClassy, (now @ParisHatcher) you are aware of me graduating this past Friday!!! YES!!! I DID IT AGAIN!!! I received my Masters of Arts in Mass Communication with a concentration in Broadcast Journalism! So you’ll see me on a network really soon! I am ecstatic about my future and I’m looking forward to many blessings to come.




Now, on to my dress…would you believe me if I said this is the first dressed I tried on and immediately fell in love? Usually, it’ll take us women hours even days to find the perfect dress but the fashion angels were with me on this day because for some strange reason I wasn’t in the mood for shopping, I think it was because I didn’t want to face the mothers day crowd; but, I’m glad I did. However, since my undergrad graduation, its been a tradition now to stop at Cache’ first to see if they’d have the perfect dress. So, that was the first store my mom and I went into. After receiving assistance from the staff, I went into the dressing room with five dresses and tried this one on first. When I stepped out everyone who was in the waiting area was in love with the dress on me just as much as I was. I heard everything from women and men saying, “OMG that dress was made for you” “You have the perfect figure for that dress, you must purchase it.” So I tried on another just in case and it wasn’t anything compared to this dress. It’s exactly the style I was going for Sexy & Classy with classic black and white.



Leading up to graduation was a lot to deal with but I’m happy it’s finally over. I’m thinking about writing a blog post about my difficulties with graduating just to inspire someone to never give up on what they REALLY want. It’ll be up soon. Give me about a week because I’ll be on the beach on vacation in the next few days 😉


Style Snapshot: Dress-Cache‘. Clutch- Cache’. Heels-SteveMadden. Rings-Charming Charlie & F-21. Watch-MK, Dillards.

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