The Big Chop!

A few posts ago I introduced you all to my new hairstyle but I didn’t go into detail about what made me cut my hair and how I feel about this drastic decision. Well, first off I would like to say that I never was the type of woman who believes that her hair makes her who she is. The type of woman I am is the type who knows it’s the other way around I make my hair! Therefore, I had no problem with cutting it all off when my hairstylist suggested that I do so the next time I decide to wear my hair short (previously I was wearing short sew in styles).  This decision wasn’t a long drown out thinking process. It was simply I want a new do, I don’t want to invest in any weave, I need a change…. I think I’ll cut all my hair off!
After it was done, I LOVED it. I always did like short hair on me. It shows more of my face and it’s convenient…I live for convenience! Since cutting my hair on March 7th, I’ve had a major chop since then; my hair grows really fast and now I’m due for another chop. I’m thinking every two weeks will do it. I’m enjoying my new do and also enjoying not spending hours in the hair salon. A wash, style & out the salon doors I go! Aaaahhh the convenience!!! 😉

♥ I wasn’t too sure about this style but it’s growing on me!

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