Vintage Guess Leather Pants…Thanks Mom ;-)


    Hi Everyone,
  I’m wearing one of my favorite snakeskin print thrifted tops and a pair of my mom’s Vintage Guess Leather Pants. My mom has owned these pants for over 30 years and she gave these to me a few years ago while cleaning out her closet. She said, “Paris baby I saved these for you.” However, around that time, leather wasn’t as hot as it is now but as you may know, fashion has a way of repeating itself. So, after trying them on and falling in love with the fit; I decided to keep them. When I wore them, she was so excited to see how I styled it after all this time. But, trust me this won’t be the last time. These leather pants have become one of my new favorite wardrobe pieces and I can’t see myself parting with them anytime soon. I may just save them for my daughter, lol! 😉
Stay tuned to see how I style them another time 😉






♥ I truly believe when you’re really happy, it shows from the inside out 😉





♥ Blouse-Thrifted. Necklace & Ring-Charlotte Russe. Earrings & Watch-Michael Kors, Dillards. Leather Pants-Mom’s Closet. 😉 Pumps & Belt-F-21. Handbag-Charming Charlie. Lipstick-Certainly Red by Revlon, Target. Nail Polish- Neon Blue by Klean Color, Beauty Store.


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