Vintage Classic Style For My P-Day Celebration


This is what I wore for my P-day celebration this past Friday. I wanted to try something different other than the typical sparkly “it’s my B-day dress.” I was going for a more vintage classic style and I believe to have achieved it with this vintage high shoulder blazer & knee length faux leather skirt. My earrings which were “Chanel inspired “were vintage as well. You’re unable to see them on the pictures but I took a close up for you dolls! My P-day included dinner with friends and family and afterwards dancing the night away. I couldn’t have imagined a more perfect day!! 😉 Thanks to everyone who came out; y’all really made me feel special!!



♥ Sorry, these Payson Purple Pumps are now sold out.



♥ P-day Lobster with stuffed shrimp pasta. 😉


♥ P-day Cupcakes!
♥ The aftermath of a fun night!!! 😉
♥ Blazer & Earrings-Thrifited. Skirt-F-21. Clutch-boutique in Miami (old).


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